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Quin Jackson

Marketing Major ’18, Digital Copywriter for GCU Blogs

Quin Jackson is a senior at Grand Canyon University studying marketing and communications. She was born in Kansas, raised in Virginia, went to high school in Ohio and is now continuing her education in Arizona! Quin has loved her time here at GCU and is so excited to see what is in store for her and her final semester on campus. She is involved in Local Outreach and specifically serves as the head student leader for GCU’s Habitat for Humanity team. In her free time, Quin enjoys reflective writing, living room dance parties and road trips with her favorite people.

Spotlight Questions:

Who am I and how did I get to GCU?

Originating from the east coast, I get asked quite often what led me to GCU. I have family in the Phoenix area that my parents and I were visiting when I first stumbled on GCU’s campus. I received an impromptu tour of the school and a personal meeting with an admissions counselor. Things began to fall into place and before I knew it, I was enrolled as a student! This decision was a big one, but an easy one to make. I have always felt at such peace with my college decision, and GCU has become a place that I have learned to call home. I could never imagine myself at any other school!

As far as who I am, I am nothing more, and nothing less, than a servant of Christ. It’s important for others to know this about me because my faith plays such a significant role in my life and is truly all that I want to be known for.

What do I enjoy most in the Colangelo College of Business?

I am currently earning my Bachelor of Science in Marketing within the Colangelo College of Business and Honors College. I love the classes and professors within this college, but I think what I enjoy most about CCOB is the community within the college. All of the students are like-minded with similar goals and aspirations, which makes it so easy to find friends and connect with others. Students also have their own opinions and perspectives, which sparks creative discussions when working together through projects and events. There are also many different opportunities that CCOB offers! Between guest speakers, internships and the advice and guidance from Mr. Jerry Colangelo, I feel confident that I’m receiving a quality education and being prepared for the work force outside of college.

What advice do I have for GCU students? 

The best advice I have for GCU students would be to use this time in college as an opportunity to be genuine, real and exactly who you are. This kind of vulnerability will allow you to learn more about yourself while making sincere, long-lasting friendships. Throughout your time in college, you have the chance to discover your passions and to begin to develop and integrate them into your future. GCU has all the resources in the world, so take advantage of them and get involved on campus! Your future is up to you to build and create. College is such a special time in your life, and GCU is a very special place, but it only happens once, so make the most of it!