Living Faith is a Christian blog that interacts with a variety of biblical, theological and practical topics written by Grand Canyon University's College of Theology faculty and specially invited guests of the college. Our content provides practical and biblical advice from a Christian worldview for living our faith in the midst of an increasingly secularized world. In addition, our content wrestles with cultural topics and issues that challenge how we live out our faith as believers. For this reason, contributors to our Christian blog strive to write with compassion and apologetic concern to honor Christ and edify the church in every way possible.
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Steven B. Sherman, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Christian Worldview & Philosophy, College of Theology

Sherman Steve (8-15)Professor Sherman received a PhD in Theology (Philosophical Theology) from Fuller Theological Seminary (2004), an M.Div. from Fuller (1999), an M.A. in Christian Apologetics from Trinity Graduate School, Simon Greenleaf University (1994), a B.BS. in Biblical Studies from Calvary Chapel Bible College (1988), and a B.A. in Speech Communication from California State University, Fullerton (1985). He is a Licensed Minister seeking Ordination to Word & Sacrament (2016) with The Evangelical Covenant Church (Chicago, IL). He is married to Lynn and blessed with two adult children and two grandchildren.

Faculty Spotlight

Who am I and how did God lead me here?

I grew up in the Rocky Mountains of southeast Idaho, raised in the Latter-Day Saints (Mormon) tradition, addicted to playing sports (baseball, basketball, and football) and popular culture (mainly the Hollywood, Disneyland, Rock music, and California cultural styles—the latter becoming central with a move to SoCal in my mid-teens). My spiritual awakening came six years later after an accelerated search for truth and meaning—exhausted by destructive indulgences (see Ecclesiastes)—that finally resulted in finding (or better, being found by) God, willingly surrendering to the one true Lord: by grace, through faith, given abundant life and Kingdom purpose.

Since then, God’s calling for my life has been focused on leading, teaching, and serving—primarily concerning Christ-followers and truth-seekers—most often in academic, local church and parachurch contexts. My academic journey includes several stages: from initially embracing anti-intellectualism to exploring alternative Christian thinking about the life of the mind to discovering exceptional historical and contemporary Christian scholarship and thinkers (i.e., biblical studies/exegetes, theology/theologians, philosophy/philosophers, ethics/ethicists, and the like) to joining the great cloud of witnesses seeking to “be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus” and to “entrust [truth concerning the gospel] to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others” (2 Timothy 2:1-2). To this end and for God’s pleasure, I seek to equip, encourage and exhort women and men to know and love the Lord with all they are (including their minds!) and their fellow human beings as themselves (Matthew 22:37-39).

What do I enjoy most in the College of Theology and in my ministry?

Everything. Really! Teaching students to think and live well is deeply gratifying. Listening to and learning from students is moving and often inspiring, as is observing and sometimes playing a part in their developmental process at GCU. Collaborating with fellow faculty, administrators, staff and other colleagues is enriching and rewarding. Being part of the mind-blowing growth, powerful mission and vision and transforming work that is GCU—all of this and much more make serving here an incredible opportunity and distinct honor.

What advice do I have for theology students?

Dig deep… deep into your studies, deep into community life and clubs, deep into a local community of faith, deep into loving and serving others on campus and beyond, deep into understanding the Christian faith, deep into embracing God’s love and purpose for you, and above all else, deep into doing what it takes to nurture your life and your calling in Christ!