Living Faith is a Christian blog that interacts with a variety of biblical, theological and practical topics written by Grand Canyon University's College of Theology faculty and specially invited guests of the college. Our content provides practical and biblical advice from a Christian worldview for living our faith in the midst of an increasingly secularized world. In addition, our content wrestles with cultural topics and issues that challenge how we live out our faith as believers. For this reason, contributors to our Christian blog strive to write with compassion and apologetic concern to honor Christ and edify the church in every way possible.
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Joshua M. Greever, PhD

Faculty, College of Theology


Dr. Greever is an instructor of New Testament in the College of Theology at GCU. He received an MDiv and a PhD in New Testament before becoming a professor. He is married to Amelia and has four children. He loves the local church, reading books, and rooting for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Faculty Spotlight

How did you become a Christ-follower?

I became a Christian when I was a young boy. I grew up in a family that loved God and treasured the gospel, so from a very early age I was aware of my sin and my need for a Savior. One evening I became keenly aware that if I died at that moment I would be judged in full for my sin, so I looked away from myself and trusted in Christ and his death on the cross for the forgiveness of my sin and my hope of eternal life. I was subsequently baptized and began a life of following Jesus. Although the struggle against sin has not abated, to this day by God’s grace I have continued in the faith. My hope and joy ultimately rest in the gospel of Christ because in it is contained the good news of righteousness before God (see Romans 1:16-17).

What are you the most passionate about when it comes to ministry?

I love the local church because it is at the center of what God is doing in the world. My passion, in particular, is bringing God’s word to people in a clear and articulate way so that they would know God more fully. It is a privilege to join God in his redemptive work in the world by heralding and showing the truth of Christ.

If you could offer a word of advice to theology students, what would you say?

Get plugged into a local church and find areas in the church where you can serve. Typically theology students are on a career path of leadership within the local church. One of the best ways to prepare for being a godly leader in the church is to serve in various capacities as a faithful church member, for the godliest leaders in our churches are those who are the most servant-hearted. So, get used to serving in a church in the present so that it will prepare you for servant leadership in the future.

What do you enjoy most about your ministry in the College of Theology?

I enjoy seeing students grow in their faith in Christ and their love for the gospel. God’s word is powerful (Hebrews 4:12) and brings about the transformation of the mind and the heart. I am extremely privileged to be an agent of this transformation by helping students understand the Bible and how it relates to them as individuals. I also am privileged to work alongside my colleagues in the College of Theology. Although we come from a variety of traditions and backgrounds within Christianity, we love the gospel and work together at a fundamental level to make Christ known in Phoenix and around the world.

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