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Career Possibilities for Graduates with a Theology Degree


If you feel passionate about biblical studies or ministry, then you may feel called to pursue a theology degree. There are many possible career paths you could choose with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies. Some of them may require that you obtain a graduate degree as well, although many of them do not.

Church Groups

It isn’t strictly necessary to become a minister in order to work within a church setting. A bachelor’s degree in theology can prepare you to pursue work as a church group leader or educator. You may decide to lead faith formation classes or biblical study groups. You could also work with classes of young children enrolled in early childhood education programs at the church. Or, you could seek employment as a youth counselor at a Bible camp.

Missionary Agencies

Perhaps the idea of working in a faraway land appeals to your sense of adventure. A bachelor’s degree in theology would enable you to meet the main requirement of many missionary agencies. Being a missionary is challenging, but it may be an ideal choice for you if you:

  • Are eager to learn about new customs, cultures and languages
  • Are accepting of cultural differences
  • Feel called to bring the word of God to others around the world
  • Are outgoing, friendly and personable

Note that missionaries often do much more than preach the gospel in their “homes away from home.” They often put in hard, physical labor, such as by helping small, poor communities build schools or churches.


To pursue a career as a chaplain, you’ll likely need a master’s degree as well as a bachelor’s in theology. Some hospitals may employ chaplains with only a BA, although many require graduate degrees. The U.S. Army requires chaplains to have a master’s, although it accepts applicants who are actively pursuing this degree. To serve as an effective chaplain in any setting, you must have a thorough understanding and open-minded tolerance of all of the major religions. This is crucial because chaplains are expected to adapt to and serve the needs of military personnel or hospitalized patients of all backgrounds and faiths.

Charitable Organizations

A career working for charitable organizations is a natural fit for graduates with a theology degree. Non-profit organizations welcome applicants with theology degrees, whether or not the organization has a religious leaning. As an example, David Nussbaum is the chief executive officer (CEO) of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in the U.K. He holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in theology.

Non-Governmental Organizations

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), which are usually non-profits, do important work around the world. Some of them are highly localized, while others have initiatives that cover a very large geographical area. NGO activities include social, environmental and human rights advocacy work. Earning your bachelor’s in theology would give you the critical thinking and leadership skills needed to pursue a career working for an NGO.

Grand Canyon University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees to Christian students interested in studying theology. The College of Theology establishes a strong framework of contemporary theology and Christian leadership that can prepare you to pursue a range of career paths. Click on the link above to Request More Information today!