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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Ramesh Velupillaimani


By Kaylor Jones
Professional Writing and Psychology, Honors College

This summer, Dr. Ramesh Velupillaimani traveled to Uppsala, Sweden to present his research findings on photosynthesis at the First European Congress on Photosynthesis Research, ePS-1 A Marcus Wallenberg Symposium in Sweden.

Dr. Velupillaimani has been studying how green algae (Chlamydomonas reinhardtii) captures and converts solar energy into chemical energy by using an ultrafast spectroscopic approach. The goal of this research is to produce fuel directly from the sun’s energy, using natural or artificial photosynthesis. This is a potential method to help meet the world’s growing energy needs.

While in Sweden for the conference, Dr. Velupillaimani balanced work with play by visiting a few of science-related landmarks. In Uppsala, he visited Linnaeus Garden and Museum. This is the location that Carl Linnaeus lived and worked for many decades as the scientist who formalized binomial nomenclature, the system we still use today to give names to all living organisms. He also stopped in Brno, Czech Republic to see the home of Gregor Mendel, the world famous father of modern genetics.

We congratulate Dr. Velupillaimani on the opportunity to share his research and continue to work to find solutions to real-world problems.

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About Kaylor Jones
Professional Writing & Psychology Major ’21, Copywriter for GCU Blogs

Kaylor Jones is a sophomore at Grand Canyon University studying professional writing and psychology in the Honors College. Her dream is to be able to combine her love for writing and passion for travel in a way that will change people’s perspectives on the world. She hopes to one day touch people’s lives in the same way so many have touched hers. When she’s not at work or school, she enjoys learning new things, painting and listening to 80’s rock music. Her favorite thing in the world is her dog.

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