The College of Nursing and Health Care Professions is comprised of diverse health care disciplines, including nursing, health care administration, athletic training, public health and health care informatics. We are united by the common goal of training the next generation of health care professionals and leaders to effectively address health care challenges. The content of this blog includes perspectives on current health care topics, discussion about health care trends, a showcase of successful alumni and faculty and posts about our passion for our respective fields.
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Pursuing a Career in the Healthcare Field: What to Expect


There are many facets of the healthcare field that may be overlooked when people say they want to work in a health profession. If you are considering a career in healthcare administration, public health, nursing or any other healthcare career, continue reading to find out what you can expect:

High Demand

As a large percentage of our population is aging, there is a growing demand for healthcare workers. This means that upon graduation, you will likely be able to find a job, which is a great benefit to you. Along with this higher demand, however, comes competition. Employers take note of those who are advancing their education and hire both the more experienced and more educated candidates. Therefore, advancing your education is valuable in the healthcare field.

Healthcare Field Mission

The healthcare industry is all about helping others and improving patient care. By dedicating yourself to serving the community around you, you are helping to accomplish the overall mission of doctors, nurses and other related professions everywhere. These careers are rewarding because you will be able to see your patients make improvements.

Social Responsibility

Along with serving the community, you also will have a huge social responsibility. This means that as a civil servant, you have to conduct ethical practices in order to stay working in your profession. In addition to this, there will most likely come a time in your career when you will encounter some difficulties. Having a strong disposition will ensure that you can help the patient, their family and yourself overcome hardships when they arise.

Why GCU?

Grand Canyon University is the perfect place to start your journey in a healthcare field. Healthcare organizations value our College of Nursing and Health Care Professions graduates because our curriculum connects classroom theories to working scenarios through hands-on practice, online and lab simulations and in-depth peer discussions exploring best practices. Now is a great time to earn a healthcare degree from GCU!

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Written by Adriana Carda, a junior earning a psychology degree at GCU.