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Jerry W. Perkins, MBA (MHCA)

Doctoral Candidate, Doctor of Public Health, Epidemiology

With experience in the medical, science and regulatory areas, Jerry Perkins has been a community leader in Health Care Administration for over two decades. In addition to the education and experience background, Jerry has participated in several professional organizations such as the American Public Health Association, Health Physics Society and the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors (CRCPD), chairing committees with membership from the FDA and other governmental representation.

After a career including beginning as a combat medic, multiple positions for the VA Medical Centers in multiple states and over a decade in medical compliance for the Radiation Regulatory Agency, Jerry finally joined the Grand Canyon team in 2017.

Currently an Adjunct for Grand Canyon University, he is able to share his experience in the safety environments of pharmaceutical, microbiological, chemical and radiation control. In the business and regulatory world, he has been worked in multiple capacities including operations, client services, training, quality and technical aspects including electronic medical records deployment, staffing, selecting management, training and budgets.

Spotlight Questions:

Who am I and how did I get to GCU?

My name is Jerry W. Perkins.  I was able to retire early thanks to a dedicated self-plan that included military, federal and state government services. However, based upon my relatively young age, I still need to remain connected and available to those that will eventually replace me in this work environment.  Thankfully, GCU has given me the opportunity to share my mission as well as career goals with the next generation of Health Care Professionals.

What do I enjoy most in the College of Nursing and Health Care Professions?

In my limited time on campus over the past four semesters, I would have to say that the attitude of dedicated students is most enjoyable. Although there is little information shared about the opportunities in Health Care Administration, I feel as if this is an area that I can open the eyes of students to the opportunities for success available in the field including right here in Maricopa county. Additionally, the faculty that I have had the privilege to interact with appear to be dedicated and thoughtful individuals that embrace professionals for other aspects of health care.

What advice do I have for nursing and healthcare students?

I have to share the same advice that I received and that I encourage my spouse whom is a professional in human resources, to follow and pass. Do any position with an open mind and open heat. Ensure that you work for organizations that share your mission and values. Be the best cream that you can be and you are sure the rise. Follow your passion and your purpose, a job is a job, a career is a purpose!