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Career Spotlight: Government Jobs


By Jessalyn Johnson
English and Professional Writing Major, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

There are many jobs in government. Positions within this field are crucial to the future of our country, and are the source of major decisions affecting the U.S. population. To be a part of changing the lives in America for the better can be an extremely rewarding task, and those who have a passion for applying positive change in society may find that government jobs suit them.  

Why Government Jobs?

Those who choose to take part in government jobs have a responsibility to our country to do what is best for its citizens. It is important for people who decide to work in government to understand that taking action in political and governmental issues can help not only the country we live in, but also individual lives. For example, education has been a huge topic in government for years, and many people have different opinions on how to supply people with the best education possible. If you have an active interest in making a difference through government, there is opportunity to help with issues in many areas.

What are My Career Options?

There are many government jobs in a variety of areas. A few options you might wish to pursue include:

  • Politician
  • Mayor
  • City manager/planner
  • Congressman/woman
  • Public relations specialist
  • Senator
  • Policy planner
  • Political consultant/correspondent
  • Federal careers in homeland security, diplomacy, intelligence and law enforcement
  • Statistics and polling for political clients

Why Choose GCU for Your Degree?

For students who have a passion for government, Grand Canyon University might have the right degree program for you. GCU offers degrees in government with emphases in public policy and legal studies, allowing you to choose the direction in which you take your education and future career. Some of the topics covered within the courses are:

  • The general practice of law
  • Criminal law
  • Legal analysis
  • Constitutional studies
  • Political themes
  • Government institutions
  • International relations and foreign policy
  • Political theory and the philosophy of law

To learn more about Grand Canyon University’s government program within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, visit our website.

About Jessalyn Johnson
English Literature Major, Digital Copywriter for GCU Blogs

Jessalyn Johnson is a senior at Grand Canyon University, completing the final year of her BA in English Literature. Originally from Melbourne, FL, Jessalyn has come to enjoy living in the desert of Arizona. Since freshman year she has occupied several different positions on the editorial board of GCU’s literary review, StartleBloom, which is approaching its third volume. In her free time, Jessalyn enjoys creative writing, photography, writing music and participating in the plays and musicals put on by GCU’s Ethington Theatre.

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