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Category: Student Showcase

By Shannon Walker
President of the Canyon Business Club, Colangelo College of Business

As many business students know, being a “business major” is a very broad field of study. Unlike other majors such as nursing, pre-med or education, there isn’t a clear or direct career path that will lead you to a specific job. While this can be a liberating feeling, it can also be overwhelming. But what can help, is knowing that you’re not alone. Canyon Business Club is a network of driven business students that are going through it all together.

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GCU students always bring their A-game and this past spring was no exception. In February of 2018, a group of students from GCU’s Colangelo College of Business banded together to put on GCU’s second annual TEDx conference. This committee of students include Dominic Pachuillo, Laura Arnold, Josh McGuire, Marco Burgarello, Julia Sena, Elijah Kattke, Brandon Orozco, Justin McLean, Emma Harris, Konno Bennet and Jedidiah Woods.

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Whether it’s business administration, sports management or marketing, there is so much variety within the business industry, which is what makes it such an attractive industry to dive into! Studying business allows students the opportunity to earn a degree that can be applied to truly any career. This versatility is perfect for those that are hesitant to commit to one specific career path because of just how big their business aspirations are. We are all developing people and we can accomplish so much, so why not earn a degree that can prepare you for it all? Some of life’s greatest adventures are the ones we have yet to discover.

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Grand Canyon University is constantly showing that it is dedicated to putting their students on the path to success and they outdo themselves with their hospitality program.

Hospitality is a thriving industry that is taking the country by storm, especially in Arizona. Hospitality management professionals oversee the operation and customer service and are the reason for the success of a hotel or restaurant. Grand Canyon University’s Bachelor in Hospitality Management helps prepare students for careers post-graduation and beyond.

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