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Category: Servant Leadership

By: Randy Gibb, PhD
Dean of Colangelo College of Business

Business schools are often targeted for not properly preparing college graduates for the future. For decades, universities have been providing the same, and for the most part, appropriate business tools necessary for their graduates to land that first job. Yet, as standards continue to rise and the business world becomes more complex, colleges need to do more. Business schools will not only have to adapt to what the industry is demanding, but also to what students and graduates want out of their college education and career preparation. To meet their needs, schools have to prioritize a values-based curriculum and cultivate a sense of purpose within the classroom and beyond.

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By Breanna Alverson
Business Administration Major, Colangelo College of Business

The search for business colleges can be extremely overwhelming! One important element to consider when making this selection is the values that the college is founded upon. These principles permeate through all departments and degrees. Grand Canyon University’s Colangelo College of Business’ foundation is the business pillars of servant leadership, ethics and entrepreneurism. The college’s design and the faculty and staff’s commitment to these pillars is what makes the Colangelo College of Business so unique!

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When thinking of what it means to be a successful business person, there is a stereotype that comes to mind. It usually includes a black brief case, a suit and tie and a very serious demeanor.

Recently, Grand Canyon University MBA students were given an opportunity to have a sneak peek into a real-life example of a company that challenges this stereotype. Students of GCU indulged as Richard Sweet, Southwest Airline’s marketing advisor and employee of 32 years, revealed some of the secrets of Southwest’s success.

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By Jonathan Ruybalid
Faculty, Colangelo College of Business

Integrating faith with everyday life is one of the joys of teaching at a university with a faith-based purpose and mission. For those of us who teach in the Colangelo College of Business at Grand Canyon University, it means integrating faith into the business life. In my particular instruction, it includes teaching about law.

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By Randy Gibb, PhD
Dean, Colangelo College of Business

Here in the Colangelo College of Business, we have three pillars:

  1. Servant Leadership
  2. Ethics
  3. Entrepreneurism

I’m often asked to articulate what servant leadership means to our college. The essence of servant leadership is “service before self,” or putting the organization and the people ahead of one’s own needs.  

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