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Category: Featured

For professionals with a Master of Business Administration (MBA), it’s customary to work in the private sector. Opportunities in the C-suite can be both personally fulfilling and lucrative. However, there are also plenty of MBA graduates who choose meaningful work in the nonprofit sector. Nonprofit organizations must be skillfully led and carefully operated in order to further their objectives and MBA graduates are suitably positioned to take the helm.

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Successful leaders want to become more effective in every way. That is why many of them enroll in the Master of Science in Leadership degree program at Grand Canyon University. This senior-level business program combines business skills with the practice of servant leadership. It specifically focuses on communication, team-building and ethical business practices.

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Content marketing has become a major buzzword within digital marketing and for good reason. It is through content marketing that businesses are able to amplify their content and raise brand awareness. The most effective content marketing campaigns start with a strategy that outlines goals, voice, style and ideation, but most importantly it addresses the audience. That leads to two important principles:

  • Great content marketing means knowing the audience.
  • Knowing the audience means listening to them.

How to Listen to Your Audience

Content is defined as anything that communicates a message to the target audience, such as articles, landing pages, social media posts, videos, images and podcasts. These are all effective ways to reach prospects and customers. However, without knowing what the audience wants or needs, there is a risk of focusing on topics that they just don’t care about.

Below are ways to determine what the audience cares about through listening:

1. Engage with Existing Customers

One of the best ways to understand topics customers are interested in is to engage with them. Focus groups, surveys and interviews will provide insight into customers’ desires, needs and even concerns or fears. In addition, customer service and sales departments are great resources regarding current customers. Find out how customers describe their situations and problems. Those are all possible topics that can be developed and promoted through content marketing.

2. Use Social Listening Tools

There are many tools available that make it possible to listen to potential customers in a non-intrusive way and most involve social media. Social media makes it possible to discover what people are talking about and how they are saying it, not to mention their feelings and opinions. Social Mention, BuzzSumo and Mention are some of the many tools that aggregate discussions about topics, competitors, brands and industries. These tools provide a real-time view of what customers are sharing and discussing, which can be incorporated into content development.

3. Move from Listening to Understanding

After listening to the target audience, the final step is applying that knowledge. With the new-found information, there are now solid answers to such questions as: “What does the audience want or need?” “What do they expect?” “How can the business help solve their problems?” “What are the objectives of the content?” Knowing the answers to these questions result in content that resonates with the audience.

In addition to identifying appropriate content topics, listening also uncovers how and where the content should be delivered. For example, some people prefer watching videos while others prefer reading articles. Determining the way in which the content will be developed, as well as where it will be located (i.e. YouTube, company website, iTunes, Instagram, etc.), is critical. This type of information can be uncovered while researching and listening to the audience.

Wrap Up

Digital marketers must take the time to listen and closely recognize what the audience is trying to communicate. That means taking the time to see the world through customers’ eyes. Every message that is created and amplified must show empathy and an understanding of the target audience. That is how content today stands out from the thousands of messages customers are bombarded with in the digital world.

To learn more about how Grand Canyon University’s Colangelo College of Business provides leaders with the best ideas about how to best support their employees, visit our website or click the Request More Information Button on this page.


More people than ever before are launching their own businesses. It has never been easier to become an entrepreneur than it is right now. Especially because of programs like the Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Organizational Leadership at Grand Canyon University. This degree program provides entrepreneurs with business understanding including finance, accounting, marketing and organizational growth and infrastructure curriculum. Graduates of the Masters in Entrepreneurship at GCU focus on motivation, vision and effective leadership.

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Productive workers are essential to your business and commercial success. Without productive workers, nothing gets done, you spent a lot on rehiring, training and recruiting and you continue the cycle of being constantly behind. You have no room to innovate because you are barely meeting deadlines. The workplace environment gets more stressful, which leads to even less productivity. The cycle is endless.

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By: Randy Gibb, PhD
Dean of Colangelo College of Business

Business schools are often targeted for not properly preparing college graduates for the future. For decades, universities have been providing the same, and for the most part, appropriate business tools necessary for their graduates to land that first job. Yet, as standards continue to rise and the business world becomes more complex, colleges need to do more. Business schools will not only have to adapt to what the industry is demanding, but also to what students and graduates want out of their college education and career preparation. To meet their needs, schools have to prioritize a values-based curriculum and cultivate a sense of purpose within the classroom and beyond.

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Storytelling is a major piece of many brands’ content marketing plans. Storytelling helps give brands an identity and draw customers in. The emotional connection developed through story helps bring customers back.

Stories remind people of childhood. They can get lost in the hero’s journey and the ride the wave of imagination. All cultures celebrate stories. They are a universal language of connection. Stories share messages. Young children learn morals and values through fables and fairy tales. People have experience with storytelling as a way to share knowledge. This makes it the ultimate marketing tool.

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By Kennedy Lane
Professional Writing Major, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

The business field is growing and is a sought after degree among young students. It is important that students have some knowledge of the business field before going into college. The business education degree at Grand Canyon University is the way to help high schoolers learn more about entrepreneurship.

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