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What is Got Your 6?


By Jessalyn Johnson
English Literature Major, College of Humanities and Social Sciences 

Grand Canyon University is a proud partner with the Got Your 6 campaign, which strives to assist the reintegration of veterans into civilian life. Got Your 6 is non-profit, using grants and donations towards empowering veterans. By doing so, the campaign aims to remove the stigma that all veterans are broken or helpless.

Got Your 6 Programs

The Got Your 6 campaign has many partners, including GCU. These partners are responsible for raising awareness and providing information on how veterans can transition into leadership positions. Some of these programs include collaborative events and research, while others, such as 6 Certified, consist of administrative tasks. These tasks include showing veterans appropriately and accurately in films and television. As the majority of American civilians look to media for news, it can be a great help to portray veterans on the screen just as they are in real life. By partnering with the entertainment industry, veterans are given a fair voice, showing their level of importance to society.

Getting Involved

Anyone can get involved with Got Your 6! By taking action, you can join the pledge and take part in volunteering opportunities, spreading knowledge about Got Your 6 and helping to provide assistance for veterans in need. You can hear from a veteran firsthand and learn about their experiences, join an affinity group or even mentor a child in a military family to do your part to ensure that American veterans are supported.

GCU Veterans and Military

As a partner of Got Your 6, GCU strives to provide for military and veteran students. The Veterans Affairs Office provides education benefits for eligible students. Veteran students are a priority at Grand Canyon University, as it is crucial for all students to be provided with the tools and resources they need to achieve success. Got Your 6 is a great opportunity to help veterans and student veterans, and if you are one, contact us today at 855-GCU-LOPE to learn how you can benefit from this campaign!

Grand Canyon University is a proud partner of Got Your 6. Learn more about Got Your 6 at gotyour6.org

To learn more about the military and veteran assistance programs at GCU, visit our website or click the Request More Information button at the top of this page.

Written by Jessalyn Johnson, a junior majoring in English literature at GCU.