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How Students from California Can Graduate in Less Time


As a high school student planning to pursue college in California, you have likely calculated a five- to six-year graduation plan. However, due to increasing levels of impaction and students placed on waitlists, even this graduation timeframe may be difficult to achieve. For this reason, California high school students can benefit from considering Grand Canyon University. At GCU, courses are scheduled with ease and we offer opportunities for students to complete their education in less than four years. Keep reading to learn how students from California can graduate in less time with their bachelor’s degree:

Take Advantage of Dual Enrollment

GCU students can graduate in less time through our dual enrollment programs and by putting together an effective plan with their admissions counselor.  We offer high school students the opportunity to take university level classes, each offered at $300 (including books), offering them a 90% savings opportunity. Our online dual enrollment options feature flexibility and convenience, allowing you to start earning university credits on your schedule. Similarly, our summer dual enrollment classes allow high school students to get an early start on their college career.

Work with an Admissions Counselor

If you are interested in GCU’s traditional campus, dual enrollment or summer classes, then you can contact an admissions counselor who can assist with credit evaluation, enrollment and scheduling of courses as well as counsel you on your program selection. As a student of GCU, you will have the opportunity to develop a structured career path to move you forward with the type of education you need in order to do so.

Find Your Purpose Early

Most majors at GCU offer core classes that can be taken during the freshman year. Early exposure to these courses may make it easier for you to make an early decision about your major selection. If undecided, this will help solidify your degree selection and enable you to graduate in less time by taking the courses that you need from the start.

If you’d like to find out more about graduating early at GCU, then visit our website or use the Request More Information button at the top of this page to get in touch with an admissions counselor.