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The Road to Success: Student Resources at GCU

GCU student on Lopes Way

By Lauren Abraham
Communications Major, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Grand Canyon University believes the journey to an education should be as stress-free as possible. For this reason, GCU offers a wide variety of student resources, helping students make the most of their time in college. Whether it be concerning academics, health and wellness or career advice, GCU goes above and beyond to meet the needs of their students.

So, what are some of the available student resources? Here is a list of just some of the many ways GCU provides support for their students.


Resources from the GCU library are available both in person and online. Students can visit the GCU library on campus, but they also have the convenience of accessing resources, such as peer-reviewed journal articles, from the library website. GCU librarians are knowledgeable about finding and evaluating information, and students can easily contact the librarians for assistance by phone, email, live webinars, online chat or in person. In addition, students can access general library, database and technical support tutorials on the library’s website.

Health and Wellness Clinic

The Canyon Health and Wellness Clinic promotes a healthy community at GCU by providing students, staff and faculty with high-quality healthcare services. The clinic is managed by nurse practitioners, and offers a wide variety of health services such as prescribing medications, giving physical exams, treating illnesses and delivering holistic individualized care to students. In addition, specialized services are available to the GCU community, such as women’s healthcare clinics, a health shop and Canyon counseling services.

Tutoring Services

The GCU Learning Lounge offers services to GCU students in order to help them succeed in their courses. Students can schedule one-on-one appointments with another GCU student, known as a learning advocate (LEAD). This way, students can receive assistance with challenging classes and earn the grades they desire. In addition, students who cannot meet in person for learning sessions can receive assistance online.

Career Services

The GCU Office of Career Services gives students the resources to make a successful transition from academics into a meaningful career. With the help of Career Services, GCU students can explore college majors and career options, and perfect their resume, interviewing and networking skills. In addition, events such as Career Week are available to students, where they have the opportunity to network with potential employers. Students also have access to Career Compass, a self-assessment tool that measures interests, preferences and skills as they pertain to a potential career path. Finally, students can also apply for employment on campus and internships through Career Services.

Tech Support

The GCU Technical Support Help Center provides students with technical assistance to ensure their online experience is as seamless as possible. Tech support agents are available to students to assist with computer problems, such as those associated with LoudCloud, GCU’s online learning platform. In addition, tech support offers webinars and articles for students to read regarding their technological concerns.

At GCU, students have access to the student resources needed to find success while they pursue their degree. GCU ensures that the needs of students are met during their journey as a college student, so that they will be prepared to find fulfilling employment after graduation.

Grand Canyon University is a leading private Christian university that integrates faith, learning, work and service into all they do. To learn more about GCU, request more information today!

About Lauren Abraham
Lauren Abraham headshot
Communications Major, Digital Copywriter for GCU Blogs

Lauren Abraham is a junior at Grand Canyon University. She was born and raised in Phoenix and enjoys living here. She has loved her time at GCU so far, as she has made many friendships and discovered what she is passionate about. Currently, she is studying communication with a minor in marketing. She has always loved writing and working with people, and one day hopes to become an editor or journalist. In her free time, she enjoys staying active and spending time with her family and friends.

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