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NSCS: What Is It Anyway?


By Morgan Lentz
Student, Honors College

NSCS stands for National Society for Collegiate Scholars, a national organization that represents scholarship, leadership and service. Our NSCS chapter at Grand Canyon University is currently the largest chapter in the nation, and we were recently rewarded with Platinum Status, one of the most prestigious levels a chapter can achieve.

With all of this said, what do we do? NSCS provides lots of community service opportunities throughout the year, mostly focused around our Integrity Week initiative. We partner with the mental health organization Active Minds to raise funds for their various outreach programs. Our members also benefit from dozens of scholarship and internship opportunities on their member portals from our national office. Lifetime benefits include insurance and travel discounts, job boards and more!

NSCS here at GCU focuses on providing our members with opportunities to grow, learn, serve and become involved in their communities. Our monthly member meetings are a place where we come together to listen to guest speakers on a variety of topics, as well as plan the activities we will host on campus. Our board is proud of the accomplishments we have made because of all of our wonderful members this last year. We hope to continue this year with just as much enthusiasm as ever!

To learn more about joining our community of servant leaders in the Honors College, visit our website or click the Request More Information button on this page.

About Morgan Lentz
Marketing Major, Honors College

Morgan Lentz is in her first year of earning her Bachelor of Science in Marketing through the Colangelo College of Business, as well as the Honors College. Her dream job would be to work within a Chief Marketing Consultant role for a company. Morgan is also a part of the marketing team for the Honors College at GCU, where she enjoys learning real -life skills that can be applied towards her professional career. As an Arizona native, she appreciates warm weather and hiking around the valley, as well as hanging out with friends, playing intramurals, and traveling.

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