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Jessica Symmes: The Dancing Nurse


By Morgan Lentz
Student, Honors College

There are so many exceptional students in the Honors College at GCU, but Jessica Symmes never fails to stands out. She’s a well-rounded student who has taken full advantage of the many opportunities she has received. Jessica is the Honors Nursing LLC Ambassador, and is a part of the Dance program at GCU. To say she has a full plate is an understatement!

This summer, Jessica had the amazing opportunity to join the Gus Giordano Dance School’s program in Chicago on a scholarship to learn more about her art. She and 23 other dancers within the international dance community trained 11 hours a day for the entire month of July. Not many students have the perseverance to study and work so hard for their art, but Jessica truly showed her worth when she performed 11 different dances at the final show. As most of us, myself included, can barely manage to do the electric slide, the idea of being ranked among the top dancers and being able to perform for Amy Giordano and the Mayor of Chicago is truly amazing.

Jessica says that while at Gus Giordano Dance School she was able to study all styles of dance. She even got to take a class from the cast of the Broadway’s hit play “Hamilton,” as well as the Radio City Rockettes. There is no need for extensive dance knowledge to know that this as an incredibly esteemed and rare opportunity that not many get the chance to take. Affectionately known on campus as “the dancing nurse,” she went above and beyond the classroom to take her study of dance to a national level.

Jessica is also active in her community, having founded Sparkle in Your Eye, “an organization that gives back to the community through performance.” She also works at a dance studio on the weekends and still finds time to spend with friends and family. She was awarded this past year with the Academic Student of the Year award from the Honors College, as well as the Dance Major Minor of the Year award from the Dance Department at GCU.

Jessica shares, “I am so thankful to pursue both of my passions every day and I am proud to be a Lope!”

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About Morgan Lentz
Marketing Major, Honors College

Morgan Lentz is in her first year of earning her Bachelor of Science in Marketing through the Colangelo College of Business, as well as the Honors College. Her dream job would be to work within a Chief Marketing Consultant role for a company. Morgan is also a part of the marketing team for the Honors College at GCU, where she enjoys learning real -life skills that can be applied towards her professional career. As an Arizona native, she appreciates warm weather and hiking around the valley, as well as hanging out with friends, playing intramurals, and traveling.

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