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Honors Student Spotlight: Jessica Zach


By Cinthia Monge
Marketing Major, Honors College

Jessica Zach, an honors student in one of Grand Canyon University’s STEM programs, has been working at the American Heart Association Halle Heart Museum for over a year.

Zach’s job description includes giving two-hour tours to schools and summer camp kids, educating them on how the heart works; the importance of exercise, proper nutrition and not smoking; and what to do in an emergency, specifically making sure they know the warning signs of heart attack, calling 911 and CPR.

Jessica Zach Thailand“I also help run the Kids Lunch Program which is an extension through the summer of the free/reduced lunch program in schools for disadvantaged children. During public hours, I show guests how to cook heart-healthy recipes and help with other programs at the museum as well,” Zach added.

“I enjoy teaching children and families about the importance of exercise and proper nutrition, especially children that come from lower income schools. Typically, these children are not as exposed to the concepts of eating fresh produce, whole grains and less refined, premade foods. Teaching them the basics is really cool!”

Driven by a passion for healthcare, Zach pursued this opportunity with American Heart Association Halle Heart Museum in order to build her career. “I enjoy informing the public about healthy living.”

Zach’s work does not stop there. She is also a chiropractor’s assistant, where she has been exposed to physiotherapy, modalities such as STIM, ultrasound and cold laser, and ART for treating ailments. Women’s healthcare, specifically dealing with hormone imbalances and genetically related thyroid problems, is an additional professional interest of Zach thanks to her biotechnology research in high school.

What is next for Zach?


She is working towards studying abroad in Bristol, England next fall.

“I think that living overseas and traveling can teach you so many things that you simply cannot learn in the classroom.”

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About Cinthia Monge
Marketing Major, Honors College

Cinthia Monge is from Chihuahua, Mexico, but has lived in sunny Phoenix for the majority of her life. She is a senior studying business with an emphasis in marketing in Grand Canyon University’s Colangelo College of Business. When she graduates, she aims to work as a marketing and public relations specialist for a news station, magazine, music company or nonprofit organization. In the meantime, Cinthia serves as a marketing and public relations lead for the Honors College at Grand Canyon University. In her spare time, she enjoys seeking and listening to new music, watching all kinds of films, going to concerts and exploring new places with family and friends.

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