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Honors Student Spotlight: Anna Cofrancesco


By Cathleen Daly
Communications Major, Honors College

Originally from Zhitomir, Ukraine, Anna Cofrancesco is a young, determined woman of many interests, talents and dreams. She now resides in Phoenix with her family, and is currently a junior attending Grand Canyon University, majoring in psychology. She has been an honors student in the GCU Honors College since its humble beginnings and has been proud to watch it flourish throughout her three years at GCU.

As a junior, she has seen some of the many changes that have been happening here at GCU. “I love to see how it all progresses,” she said. “How we stepped up to an advanced level – marketing, radio, TV, social media. We took a big leap.


“Although the construction drives me nuts,” she said with a laugh. “You walk on the beautiful track and there is a lawn on the right, but then there are workers and cement and dirt on the left – but you know it’s going to be done soon and they work very, very fast. I love to see the development and progression of it.”

Cofrancesco’s ultimate dream job is to become an FBI agent. As a psychology major, Cofrancesco sees the two interests intertwining together. After studying the basic needs that people have in her psychology classes, she was inspired by people’s primary desire for safety.

“I’m not going in [law enforcement] for the money or for the thrill of it,” she said. “I just want to help keep people safe.”

As an honors student, Cofrancesco has had many opportunities to grow in a variety of ways including working as an event planner with the Honors College, where she collaborates with a range of departments throughout GCU. With a busy schedule, she’s learned how to manage her time and organization efficiently.

She said gratefully, “I really appreciate the job. I love what I do. I have a beautiful team that helps me. It’s given me a real life experience in being organized, communicating with others and managing projects.”

Cofrancesco’s interests are not limited just to her work at GCU. Her other career aspirations and hobbies include ice skating, fashion, photography, ballet, piano, and studying international languages, cultures and people.

After listing her many interests, Cofrancesco said with a smile and a sigh, “And flying. I wanted to be a pilot when I was 14 – I enjoy flying very much.”

Cofrancesco has learned from her variety of experiences and interests. “Nothing is impossible. If you put your mind and heart into something, then you can accomplish it. Dancing, playing piano, ice skating – all of these experiences showed me how creative a human being can be.”

Anna Cofrancesco has a heart of gold and exhibits a strong work ethic in all she does. The Honors College is excited for you to continue in all the wonderful plans the Lord has for your future!

The Honors College at GCU gives motivated and ambitious students the opportunity to find their purpose. Learn more by visiting our website or contacting us using the Request More Information button.

About Cathleen Daly
Cathleen Daly Headshot
Communications Major, Honors College

Cathleen Daly is from New Mexico. She is a senior majoring in communications at GCU. Attending GCU has provided so many opportunities for her to expand her horizons and pursue her passions. A few of these opportunities include serving as a resident assistant, being vice president for the International Students Club and interning for John McCain’s Senate campaign.

Cathleen has a passion for creativity, and it fuels her interests in ballet, photography, reading, blogging and going on random adventures. Working with the marketing and public relations team is a blast, and she deeply enjoys all of the learning opportunities. She loves how her job consists of expressing her creativity through creating social media content and capturing the unique stories of others. Cathleen is so thankful to the Lord for all the grace, blessings and adventures He has, and continues to, provide for her.

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