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What GCU Students are Thankful for this Year


By Kaylor Jones
Professional Writing Major, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

It’s football season, the leaves are turning orange and everything is pumpkin-spiced. Fall is finally here! This Thanksgiving, the students of Grand Canyon University are taking a step back to reflect on all the things they’re truly thankful for.

Senior Ally Richmond is thankful for all the friends she’s made that have helped GCU feel even more like home. She’s also thankful for her dogs, Jazzy, Pico and Toby, which her family rescued as strays while on a mission trip in Mexico. Ally’s family isn’t complete without her GCU friends and her favorite pets!

Professional writing major Katryna Eastwood is thankful for all of the fresh produce available on campus. She loves how easy it is to eat healthy and delicious food. Her Christmas wish is for Pita Jungle to finally open.

This holiday season, Courtney Baldwin has been working on becoming more strong-willed. She is thankful for all the people in her life who hold her accountable and aren’t afraid to help her better herself.

Senior Nathan Alberts is thankful for when the Thanksgiving turkey isn’t dry.

English major Matthew Penksaw is thankful for all the wonderful amenities that GCU provides for its students. He’s especially glad for air conditioning and Wi-Fi. When it’s 100 degrees outside, it’s a blessing to be able to sit in the cool air and look up plane tickets to somewhere with actual seasons on Lope-Net.

It has been a great semester here at GCU, and students have lots to be thankful for, especially their fellow Lopes and the amazing campus they get to call home. Here’s to next semester being even better! Lopes up!

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