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Academic Institution or Matchmaker? Faith Andersen on Finding Love


By Morgan Lentz
Student, Honors College

Academic institution or matchmaker? According to Faith Andersen, the Honors College at Grand Canyon University is both!

College is often an opportunity for students to make relationships that last a lifetime– and sometimes get married! Faith Andersen, a recent Honors College Alum, met her now-fiancé Thomas Beatty at the honors orientation and began a relationship with him by the end of the first semester.

“Most incoming freshmen have the same worries about being in a new place with new people, and I definitely had that worry,” Faith said. “My solution was to attend any and all school events to meet people and form friendships, which is why I attended the Honors College orientation.”

They connected later in required honors course UNV-106HN and walked away with something much more valuable than a good grade point average: a commitment to spend a lifetime together! Faith said, “As the semester went on, we became inseparable, talking every day. In a matter of three months, he had become one of my best friends. Two weeks before winter break, our honors flirting became the real deal and we began dating. Fast forward three years, Thomas bent down on one knee and proposed to me in one of our favorite places, Sedona, Arizona!”

Faith is to become Mrs. Beatty in June of 2018. We love seeing our students achieve great merit and succeed academically! Faith continues to work for GCU Marketing and has been very active in the community here on campus, and Thomas is working as an associate account manager for Collabera in Tempe, AZ after graduation. As they start their lives together, we wish nothing but the best for their family and professional careers moving forward!

To learn more about how the Honors College at Grand Canyon University provides our motivated and ambitious students with important connections and the tools they need for success, visit our website or click the Request More Information button on this page.

About Morgan Lentz
Marketing Major, Honors College

Morgan Lentz is in her first year of earning her Bachelor of Science in Marketing through the Colangelo College of Business, as well as the Honors College. Her dream job would be to work within a Chief Marketing Consultant role for a company. Morgan is also a part of the marketing team for the Honors College at GCU, where she enjoys learning real -life skills that can be applied towards her professional career. As an Arizona native, she appreciates warm weather and hiking around the valley, as well as hanging out with friends, playing intramurals, and traveling.

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