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By Brandon Juarez, Natalie Anderson and Claire Kelly

Shepherding new teaching professionals or teacher candidates begins with caring for students. Naturally we all began our careers as novice teachers eager to make a difference! The sincere hope found in this flame has not withered or burned out. In fact, one of the best ways to keep the flame burning strong is to guide a new teacher (or soon to be a new teacher) through the entry-level stages of the career. Remember, we were all there once! Moreover, the support and help you provide goes a long way to help prevent mistakes you made when you were in his or her position. The true winners of your support are his or her students.

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By Kaylor Jones
Professional Writing and Psychology, Honors College

Here at Grand Canyon University, we value a well-rounded education. It’s always important to try to find time for both academics and fun. With all of the clubs and organizations on campus, it’s easy for everyone to get involved and ensure they’re getting the most out of their college experience.

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A career in social work is an ideal path for resilient individuals who are interested in hands-on work that makes a positive difference in other people’s lives. You can get your foot in the door by earning a Bachelor of Science in Sociology with an Emphasis in Social Work from Grand Canyon University. A bachelor’s can allow you to work in some settings, but most aspiring social workers find that they need a master’s degree too. Before beginning your academic journey, talk to established professionals in the field to find out what social work is really like.

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By Allison Richmond
Professional Writing Major, Honors College

Even though its fall, it’s always warm enough outside to justify getting ice cream with your friends. Phoenix is full of awesome ice cream shops all over the Valley, especially near Grand Canyon University. So if you and your GCU friends are looking for something to do this weekend, think about heading out to try one of these awesome places!

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Meet Tim Haas! He has been the Adjunct Professor of Clarinet at Grand Canyon University since 2012. At Grand Canton University, he runs the GCU Clarinet Studio, coordinates recruiting events and plays Principal Clarinet in the Canyon Symphony Orchestra. Tim has been a featured soloist with the GCU Wind Ensemble and the GCU Thunder Big Band on several occasions and has performed on several GCU Faculty Recitals. He has also taught courses in chamber music and music education.

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By Quin Jackson
Local Outreach Student Leader

“Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out.” (Proverbs 10:9)

Despite their common interchangeability, having good morals and having integrity are two separate things. Anyone can agree that stealing, lying and murdering are wrong and immoral. People can even agree that gossip, unkindness and lust are not “good morals” or standards to live by, but do you actually keep yourself from engaging in any of those things? That’s what integrity is. It’s an honest way of living, being exactly who you say you are and living by the standards that you hold others to.

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Mechanical engineering is an ancient discipline. Through the centuries, mechanical engineers have put their skills to work solving problems both great and small. Some have literally moved mountains like Imhotep, while others, like Gilbreth, have developed household features we take for granted today. If you are curious about whether mechanical engineering is the right field for you, take a look at the stories of a few of history’s most famous mechanical engineers.

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By Morgan Lentz
Student, Honors College

I have had the privilege of sitting down and talking about life after graduation with a former honors student and co-worker of mine, Emily Ghena. In her time at Grand Canyon University, Emily went above and beyond in her studies as a biology major while balancing being a student leader and worker. Between working 20 hours a week, attending class for 10 and studying for up to 15, there was hardly ever enough time in the day!

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