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By Ally Richmond
Professional Writing Major, Honors College

“Though you have not seen Him, you love Him; and even though you do not see Him now, you believe in Him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy.” – 1 Peter 1:8

We often use the terms “happiness” and “joy” interchangeably, but are they really the same thing?

Happiness and joy are seemingly similar, but actually quite different. The key point being that God promises joy, but He never promises us happiness.

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By Kaylor Jones
Professional Writing & Psychology, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

The College of Science, Engineering and Technology at Grand Canyon University provides students with unique and exciting opportunities to engage in faculty research, design and development projects. Take advantage of some of these options to work alongside faculty while gaining experience and a competitive edge for internships, graduate schools and careers:

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By Matthew Hampton
Faculty, College of Theology

I recently watched one of my sons play a game at their field day called Builders and Destroyers. Some kids would be builders and have to go around and stand up as many cones as possible.  The other kids were destroyers and they would go around knocking as many cones down as possible. This was very funny to watch as it was much easier for the kids to go around and be destroyers.

Even if there were more builders than destroyers I noticed that there were always more cones destroyed than there were those that the builders were able to stand up. I noticed that it was much harder to build or stand a cone up once someone had destroyed it.  How easy it seemed to destroy and how hard it seemed to build. This got me to thinking about whether or not I am a builder or a destroyer when it comes to life?  Do I build others up or do I destroy them with my words and actions? Is it easier for me to destroy others rather than build them up?

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Life offers endless learning opportunities, and the College of Doctoral Studies at Grand Canyon University (GCU) thrives on helping you find them. In fact, the college’s mission is to create a vibrant learning community and guide individuals on a meaningful doctoral journey. From higher education to technology and psychology, all of our programs incorporate GCU’s Christian worldview to inspire service, integrity and purpose.

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Foster your business skills and entrepreneurial spirit with Grand Canyon University’s Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Entrepreneurship degree. This program is offered online and in the evenings, allowing you to gain the competencies that you need to build and maintain successful business models, but with flexibility designed to suit your busy schedule. Keep reading if you’re wondering how you should earn your MS in Organizational Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

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By Carolina Regalado Murillo
Student, College of Nursing and Health Care Professions

The United States can be considered a melting pot of different cultures, each one unique in its own respect. According to Campos and Kim (2017), culture is defined as a dynamic system with loosely organized but often casually connected elements. Culture can set apart societal groups due to differences in economics, politics, religion and language.

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By Dr. Stephanie Knight
Adjunct Faculty, College of Education

Today, I observed a classroom filled with twenty undergraduate college students. I could count on one hand the number of times they looked up at the instructor in a forty-five-minute time period. The instructor was gentle, kind and caring; he also was filled with content knowledge. Of course, this is vital when teaching children or adults. But according to Marzano and Pickering (2011) in their book, The Highly Engaged Classroom, not only do students want to feel safe and cared for, they also want the material to be interesting. There is a plethora of ways we could go about accomplishing this objective. However, there is one surefire thing you can do in your classroom which will keep students not only interested, but connected and engaged.

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Discover Spain

By Morgan Lentz
Student, Honors College

Last August, I got the amazing opportunity to attend a marketing internship seminar in Madrid, Spain with the company ROOSTERGNN. It was nothing I would ever have expected to be able to do. While there I learned so much about global marketing, ethical promotion and SEO, all while experiencing the culture of Spain in everyday life. I absolutely loved finding new places to eat tapas, getting lost in the city and visiting sights like the city of Toledo.

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By Allison Richmond
Professional Writing Major, Honors College

Grand Canyon University is built on a Christian foundation and seeks to provide its students with all the tools necessary to grow in their relationship with the Lord and be able to preach the good news to everyone they come in contact with. GCU does this through its classes, weekly Chapel sessions, weekly worship nights, outreach opportunities and Life Groups.

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