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The American Nurses Association created a set of Peer Review Guidelines in 1988. Since then, these guidelines have helped nurses around the country make sure they are following proper regulations for patient care and safety. When you earn your RN to BSN degree at Grand Canyon University, you will gain new skills that can help you understand and execute these reviews in the best possible way. Take a closer look at the nursing peer review process:

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By Laura Arnold
Marketing Major, Honors College

Jedidiah Woods, who is known throughout GCU’s campus as “Jed,” is a humble servant leader dedicated to helping homeless and refugee communities. He is ambitious, inventive and enthusiastic toward individuals and lends a listening ear to all people. When you talk to Jed, you know he truly cares about the conversation and wants to hear your testimony. The several years Jed has spent at GCU has led him to start-up businesses, on campus jobs and various projects.

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Political work is a continually shifting landscape. Due to the transient nature of elected positions, people who choose to work in politics should feel comfortable switching from one office and job position to the next as the political climate changes. It’s also necessary to have a thick skin, an open mind, rock-solid ethics and excellent communication skills.

This is why students who graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications do well in this career path. While you complete your studies, consider looking for volunteer or intern opportunities on political campaigns in the area.

Volunteer Coordinator

A great deal of the work on political campaigns is done by volunteers and unpaid interns. When you graduate with your communications degree, you could start out as a volunteer coordinator on a local, state, or national campaign. Your primary job will be to recruit new volunteers and manage, direct and supervise existing volunteers. This is a great job for people who are capable of multitasking, delegating responsibilities and inspiring people.

Communications Coordinator

Communications coordinators, also called communications directors or press secretaries, serve as the primary liaison between the campaign and the media. A central responsibility for communications coordinators is to build strong, working relationships with the media.

Communications coordinators set up interviews with the political candidate. They can also write campaign literature for distribution, create press kits and write copy for the campaign website. On some campaigns, the communications coordinator may be responsible for writing speeches for the candidate. Other campaigns may have a designated speech writer. This job is a perfect fit for strategic thinkers who know how to connect with people.

Political Pollster

Political pollsters are behind-the-scenes workers whose primary responsibility is to assess the effectiveness of campaign strategies. To do this, they evaluate how voters respond to the candidate’s stance on the issues and how voters like or dislike the candidate him- or herself. If you love working with raw data and have a mind for numbers, then this job could be a great fit for you. As a political pollster, you could work on a contract or freelance basis, or you might work directly for a candidate or elected official.

Campaign Manager

The campaign manager is the top job in a political campaign, aside from the actual political candidate. Campaign managers excel at organization and multitasking. They have strong interpersonal skills and they don’t get flustered easily. As a campaign manager, you would be responsible for supervising every aspect of the campaign, including hiring, staff management, fundraising operations, day-to-day operations and campaign budgeting. This position isn’t typically an entry level job, but after putting in a few years working in other capacities, you could put your skills and experience to work as a campaign manager.

Start your journey to a rewarding career with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Grand Canyon University offers a modern, rigorous curriculum delivered by dedicated educators. To get started, click on the Request More Information button at the top of the page.

If you love working in a fast-paced industry in which the only constant is change, then you’ll do well as a computer programmer. Throughout your career, you can help drive the development and implementation of emerging technologies and find ways of improving others. One of the latest technologies to keep your eye on is geofencing. It refers to an automated action triggered by changes in geographical location.

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Grand Canyon University’s College of Theology offers a diverse selection of transformative degrees that boast real-world relevance, and it’s our conviction that the Bible is the true and authoritative Word of God. All that we do is shaped by this standard.

The College of Theology’s Covenant specifies what students at the college are expected to embrace and embody, and it encompasses the following principles:

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By definition, disaster preparedness professionals are master craftsmen at planning. It isn’t in their nature to wait for something catastrophic to happen before taking action. These forward-thinking individuals identify the challenges that could be brought on by natural and man-made disasters, and they proactively develop actionable plans to mitigate hazards. When disasters do occur, this careful planning can save lives, reduce injuries and minimize property damage. With GCU’s Masters of Science in Leadership with an Emphasis in Disaster Preparedness and Executive Fire Leadership, you can become the most prepared professional and build a career that aims to help others in times of crises.

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If you’re reading this, you probably fall in to one of two categories: 1) current/prospective teacher or 2) current and forever math geek. Either way, your knowledge, skills and interests are highly sought after in these increasingly techno-savvy times.

When you were sitting in your middle school math class, did you consider a job in programming for gig-economy sites like Uber or Airbnb? Probably not. But math teachers are even more likely to play a role in these unknown future careers, because they’ll likely be tech-based. And what is tech, really but a lot of logical thinking and ones and zeros?

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By Ashlyn Abramson
Student, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

If you have a genuine passion for writing and communicating with people, a Bachelor of Arts in English with an Emphasis in Professional Writing might be right for you, but what can you do with a degree in professional writing? What sorts of careers correlate with this field of study?

Here are a few you may not have thought of:

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By Allison Richmond
Professional Writing Major, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

“As the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, so the denial of God is the height of foolishness” –R. C. Sproul

Everyone has fears. Maybe you fear things like heights, spiders or the dark. Maybe you fear deeper things, such as abandonment or lack of love. A form of fear that is often misunderstood by Christians is the fear of God.

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