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If you have been in education, even for a short time, you know that growth mindset is something that educators consider when working with students. About 30 years ago, researcher Carol Dweck became interested in how students talked about failure. She discovered that some students were able to bounce back quickly after failure, while others got stuck, feeling like setbacks were very difficult to get over. The students who could rebound quickly from failure have what Dweck coined a “growth mindset,” while students who struggle after failure have a “fixed mindset.” Students with growth mindsets believe that they can get better if they continue to learn and practice. Students with fixed mindsets believe that ability is an inherent trait and that they may just never be good at something.

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Meet Andrew Gross! He is a Professional Jazz Saxophonist and educator who has a bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Jazz and Contemporary Music and a master’s of Music Performance. He has even gotten the opportunity to study with well-known jazz musicians, including, Chris Potter, Rufus Reid, Rich Perry, Tony Malaby, Dewey Redman and Reggie Workman.

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By Quin Jackson
Local Outreach Student Leader

“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” (Psalm 133:1)

Conflict never feels good. No matter how calm, cool and collected we like to play it, conflict makes us feel unsettled and misunderstood. And what’s usually worse than the conflict itself, is our response to it. There are typically two end-of-the-pendulum responses when it comes to conflict. We either isolate ourselves and hide from it, feeling ashamed and confused, or we charge toward the issue with anger and pride, believing that if we shout loud enough, people may listen to our complaints and injustices.

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Science, technology and engineering professionals are in high demand across virtually all industries. The sky is the limit when you graduate with a STEM-related degree from an accredited university. It is always important to look ahead at your future career aspirations after graduation, but do not forget to focus on the task at hand: doing well in college-level courses. If you are ever having trouble with college-level math, do not hesitate to reach out for help. Your academic advisor may recommend an on-campus tutor or other university resources that can help you overcome these challenges.

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Todd Forrest
Faculty, College of Theology

When we think of what the stereotypical Christian should look like, we probably all can think of what that should be. Maybe when we ponder this, we end up focusing more on what that person should NOT be.

A follower of Christ is not merely a good person; we are to be like Jesus. Now, a quick reflection of our lives reveals that there is no one JUST like Jesus. However, there is an intentional life trajectory toward character transformation, starting with the decision of the mind, the commitment of heart and revealing its resolve in the motivations and actions in life.

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