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By Randall Downs
Faculty, College of Theology

The Moravian people should be recognized as unsung heroes of the Christian faith. These men and women were zealous in their love for Christ to the extent of going to unthinkable lengths to share the Gospel to a lost and dying world. Inconvenience, sickness, poverty, nor any other hardship could detract this people from the missionary call.

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By Kaylor Jones
Professional Writing and Psychology, Honors College

Students studying in GCU’s College of Business, named after sports icon Jerry Colangelo himself, are provided with unique opportunities to get involved in their field. One way to gain access to these opportunities is through the Sports Business Club, which provides opportunities and insight into the field through experiential learning, guest speakers, leadership networking, field trips, special events and more.

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Taught by experts in their respective fields and practicing nurses, the online RN to BSN program from Grand Canyon University is designed for registered nurses who are ready to take their career to the next level. If you’re interested in furthering your education and developing in-demand nursing competencies, then continue reading to learn some of the top skills that nursing employers look for in candidates.

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By Angela Bratt
Student, Honors College

Damin Pilon is an incredibly hard-working, intelligent individual who I’ve had the pleasure of being friends, teammates and a co-workers with. Damin is one of the most driven and talented people that I’ve ever met at GCU.

Damin is originally from Duluth, Minnesota. Moving here was a big adjustment, but he is thankful for the ability to come to GCU and receive an education. He’s majoring in finance and economics with a minor in accounting and is graduating in only 2.5 years, which is an incredible feat for anyone.

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By Kennedy Lane Professional Writing Major, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Getting the opportunity to teach children today is so meaningful because you are not only giving them the tools they need to become successful in life but also to become the next great generation to make an impact on the world. Teaching in a Christian school allows you to live out your Christian faith as well as teach young students what being a Christian means. Here are some reasons why working in a Christian school is a perfect fit when you are a Christian.

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By Kaylor Jones
Professional Writing and Psychology, Honors College

Homework. We all have a love-hate relationship with it. Yes, it’s important to the learning process, but it can also be stressful and time consuming. It’s important to learn how to pace yourself and know when to take a break. What better way to relax while still exercising your brain than learning more about some of the animals we share our planet with? Here are some facts about a few of the most interesting animals in the world, starting with the beloved Grand Canyon University mascot.

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By Kennedy Lane
Professional writing Major, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Sociology is the study of human life and the way that humans interact with one another. When you choose to study sociology, you have the opportunity to study a wide variety of topics such as crime, religion, social class structures and societal destabilization. By studying sociology, you will learn a variety of skills such as learning how to effectively communicate to multiple audiences, research skills, critical reasoning and servant leadership. These skills are helpful in any career path you choose, whether you choose to go into sociology or not after graduation. Here are some career paths that you can go into with having a sociology degree.

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