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Teacher speaking in library

Do you want to be a pioneer in creating a collaborative community focused on student learning? If so, then you will need the right knowledge and an ability to strategize. GCU’s Education Specialist (EdS) in K-12 Leadership program is designed to equip you with these skills and can prepare you to advance to a position of leadership in today’s culturally and economically diverse educational communities.

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Business schools are often targeted for not properly preparing college graduates for the future. For decades, universities have been providing the same, and for the most part, appropriate business tools necessary for their graduates to land that first job. Yet, as standards continue to rise and the business world becomes more complex, colleges need to do more. Business schools will not only have to adapt to what the industry is demanding, but also to what students and graduates want out of their college education and career preparation. To meet their needs, schools have to prioritize a values-based curriculum and cultivate a sense of purpose within the classroom and beyond.

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By Sarah Schroyer, MSN, RN, CHPN, NE-BC, CNE
Faculty, College of Nursing and Health Care Professions

I was excited to visit my aunt and uncle for their anniversary. It had been almost two months since my husband and I had been to see them and almost the whole family would be there. I ignored the fatigued feeling I had, as I knew I had stayed up late after working a long week. I opted not to walk the dogs with my husband; I was just a bit sore for some reason—probably slept funny.

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By Kendall Smith
Student, Honors College

Depending on which two majors one chooses to pursue, tackling a double major within the Honors College can be achievable. The only requirements to graduate with honors at GCU is to maintain a GPA of 3.25, participate in the Annual Spring Symposium, take UNV-106HN, CWV-106HN and ENG-206HN and complete 20 hours of honors coursework (16 for transfer students).

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By Marissa King
Chief of Staff, Teaching & Leading Initiative of Oklahoma

And Emily Pottinger
Faculty Chair, College of Education at Grand Canyon University

During our first years in the classroom, we watched in awe as veteran teachers transitioned back to school with impressive parent night plans, organized lesson plans and effective procedures for getting things done—some even with fresh summer tans! For newbies, it felt like watching a magic show, teacher style. How did they do it all?

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By Lily Cooper
Professional Writing Major, College of Humanities and Social Science

There is nothing quite like a ballet. The movement of the dancers astounds you and their agile ability inspires you. As a little girl, I was hypnotized by the glittering costumes and the delicate balance between the moves and music.

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Counseling session.

Many parents feel that it is their fault when their teens become addicted to drugs or alcohol. They want to do everything they can to help their child, but they also feel an enormous amount of guilt. Substance abuse therapists work to help teens during recovery and they work with families who need help coping with the causes. While teens may be focused on moving forward one day at a time, their families are often looking back wondering if they missed the warning signs.

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Loaded van.

By Lily Cooper
Student, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

A fun experience when it comes to transitioning from high school to college is the fun things you buy for your dorm room! You get to choose you colors and themes for your room and coordinate with your roommates on what the room will look like.

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Computer programmers can make a great impression at the technical interview by being well-prepared for the most common questions. Typically, coders spend weeks studying before each interview. This might seem excessive but remember that the more time you spend preparing for the questions, the more confident you’ll feel in front of the whiteboard.

Questions About Arrays

Interviewers love to ask questions about arrays. In a typical technical interview, you’ll likely get asked multiple questions about them. The problem with them is that, once an array is created, it is impossible to change its size. If you need to make an array shorter or longer, you’ll have to create a brand new array and transfer the elements. To answer array-based questions proficiently, you should brush up on array data structure and programming constructors, like fundamental operators. Consider these common array-based questions and directives:

  • Using Java, reverse an array in place.
  • If an array has multiple duplicates, how can you find duplicate numbers?
  • Using Java, remove duplicates from a particular array.
  • Identify the smallest and largest numbers on an unsorted integer array.

Questions About Linked Lists

Like an array, a linked list stores elements in a linear way. Unlike the array, a linked list does not rely on contiguous storage locations for the elements. Since linked lists are just lists of nodes, you can add or take away elements instead of creating an entirely new linked list. Linked lists are recursive data structures so brush up on the basics of recursion before your technical interview. Consider these common linked list questions and directives:

  • Reverse a linked list.
  • Without recursion, reverse a singly linked list.
  • How can you eliminate duplicate nodes in an unsorted linked list?
  • How can you convert a binary tree to a doubly linked list?
  • How can you swap every two nodes?

Questions About String Coding

If you have a solid knowledge of the array, string-based questions should be easier for you. Strings are a character array. It can be helpful if you remind yourself of the structure of strings, regardless of which programming language you’re using for the solutions. And always remember that strings are immutable. Some of the most common string-based questions and directives include:

  • Find all the permutations of a string.
  • How can you use recursion to reverse a given string?
  • Are two given strings a rotation of each other?
  • Is a given string a palindrome?
  • How can you determine if two strings are anagrams of each other?
  • How could you print duplicate characters from a given string?
  • How can you tell if there are only digits on a given string?

As you can see, there are lots of questions you should prepare for when you’re getting ready for your technical interview. Set aside more time to study than you think you’ll need.

You can prepare for a seamless transition from academia into the workforce with help from the Career IMPACT Center and the Office of Internships. Grand Canyon University is committed to helping our students achieve their career aspirations. If you’re a future student who wants to learn more about our Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming degree, you can click on the link to Request More Information.

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