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Sheena Tracy

Spiritual Life Ministry Coordinator

sheena-tracySheena works in GCU’s Spiritual Life Department as a mentor to students in the Life Leader and Grand Canyon Servant Scholars Program. She was born and raised in Iowa where she learned the importance of hard work and community, relocating to Arizona in 2009 to pursue marketing and ministry. She is active in her church, Young Life, and enjoys reading anything, especially if it is by Tim Keller or Francine Rivers.

“I am an extrovert to the max so I find the most joy when I am surrounded by others, whether it is sitting in my office and drinking coffee, or leading a mission trip overseas.”

Faculty Spotlight

Who am I and how did God lead me to GCU?
I love my family and friends, traveling, adventures, and anything that involves people. I am an extrovert to the max so I find the most joy when I am surrounded by others, whether it is sitting in my office and drinking coffee, or leading a missions’ trip overseas.

After working in the marketing and event planning world, this job at GCU kind of fell into my lap through a family friend, and I knew it was right up my alley, I have not looked back since and have absolutely loved my job and time here at GCU! Lopes Up!

What do I enjoy most about my role at GCU?
The students are by far the best part of my job. It is so humbling to walk alongside them at a time in their life where they are not quite in the adult world, but no longer a kid. This means they are constantly asking questions, exploring new ideas and possibilities, and trying to figure out which group of friends suits their style.

To sit with them and talk through past hurts and what full healing looks like, what their future dreams and goals are, and how God has made them is truly a gift. College is an adventure and to be along with them for the ride is a blessing.

How has the Gospel shaped my life?
I have the unique story of not following Christ until after college. Several tragic and life changing things happened to me and I had two choices, continue on the destructive path I was on, or give it all up to follow Christ. I obviously chose the latter and my life has been radically and beautifully changed by the Gospel since.

If we decide to follow Christ it means every piece of us, our life, our reason for living, what we believe, and what our day to day decisions look like should be shaped and molded by Christ and the Gospel.  One of my favorite quotes from Narnia is when they are asking about Aslan (who represents Jesus) and the kids ask if he is safe. The simple response that they give them, “He is not safe, but he is good,” is one of the most profound and honest answers about following Christ. A life with Christ does not mean the easy road, but it is good, and beautiful and holy.