Living Faith is a Christian blog that interacts with a variety of biblical, theological and practical topics written by Grand Canyon University's College of Theology faculty and specially invited guests of the college. Our content provides practical and biblical advice from a Christian worldview for living our faith in the midst of an increasingly secularized world. In addition, our content wrestles with cultural topics and issues that challenge how we live out our faith as believers. For this reason, contributors to our Christian blog strive to write with compassion and apologetic concern to honor Christ and edify the church in every way possible.
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Eric Hernando, M.Div.

Before coming to GCU Eric Hernando spent time as a youth or associate pastor in Pennsylvania, Missouri and Arizona. His undergraduate studies were in Sociology and Psychology and he earned an M.Div., focusing his elective studies in Greek and the N.T. He and his wife Aimee are also passionate about foster care having fostered 10 kids over the years, adopting two and are currently expecting their first biological child.


Faculty Spotlight

Tell us a little about your background. 
I am the son of college educators and so was raised to know the value of an education. My first memories were actually recorded on a college campus while my father was earning his PhD before eventually becoming a Seminary Professor. I grew up in the Midwest before going to college on the East Coast, returned to the Midwest for graduate studies and eventually landed in the Southwest to teach at GCU. I have literally kept a part of each region of the country close to me as I added a piece to my family from each area. While out east I fell in love with a Pennsylvania girl named Aimee and made here my wife. While in the Midwest we were blessed to add to our family through the adoption of our Missouri grown son Chase. Then just recently we were privileged to meet and adopt our son Juan, a native of Arizona. We are also blessed to be expecting our first biological son, Sawyer, this coming November.

What do you enjoy most about your ministry in the College of Theology?
There are many things I have enjoyed while teaching in GCU’s college of Theology. One aspect I have recently come to especially appreciate is the ability to embrace a holistic understanding of the Church of God. At times we can segregate according to denomination and lose sight of the big picture of what God is doing around the world. But at GCU we have students and faculty from a broad cross spectrum of churches and denominations. This allows us to embrace our brothers and sisters in Christ and focus on the essentials which unite us as Christians. At GCU Baptists, Catholics, Pentecostals, Lutherans and many other denominations and non-denominational Christians will gather together to pray, break bread, study the scriptures and devote ourselves to the work of the Kingdom of God.

What are you most passionate about when it comes to ministry?
I have found my life and ministry revolving around three areas of passion: the ministry of the local church, Christian education, and compassion ministries. My study of scripture and personal experiences have led me to believe the local church is God’s chosen vehicle for making disciples for His kingdom. With that being said, I have also found there to be a special place in God’s kingdom for the University and Seminary to educate and train Christian laypeople and ministers for lives of service to the kingdom of God. Finally, a Biblical understanding of God’s kingdom would be incomplete without a focus on compassion and a recognition that pure religion motivates us to help those who cannot help themselves. Over the years I have lived out these passions by being involved in my local church, serving at times as the youth and/or associate pastor, teaching here at GCU and extending a hand to those in need, most notably through the foster care system where my wife and I have fostered 10 kids at different points in time and adopted two.