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Category: Apologetics and the Christian Worldview

By Hector Llanes
Faculty, College of Theology

The recent discovery of part of the Gospel of Judas has sparked a renewed debate concerning the so-called Gnostic Gospels. Many are confused when reading of the existence of a Gospel from Judas; is this an authentic Gospel written by the disciple of Jesus? What about other Gospels, such as the Gospel of Thomas? Can we trust the Gospels in the Bible?

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By Nathaniel Cooperrider
College of Theology student, Christian studies with emphasis in biblical studies

Dr. Paul Copan’s message of “Jesus-Shaped Cultures” on February 25 in Peet’s Coffee was one of encouragement. The hustle and bustle of the coffee shop began to fade into the background as Dr. Copan spoke of how Christianity shaped cultures around the world with love and virtue.

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By Joe Stanley
Faculty, College of Theology

Our culture demands that we abandon “labels.” After all, it is commonly accepted that it is bad, if not evil, to label someone. Therefore, if you use labels you must be evil and full of hate. While that may sound good to many people, it does not bear up under examination. Every word in the English language, in fact in any language, is a label. It is a label whether the word is for an action, person, thing or idea. We cannot communicate without language and we cannot communicate without words to identify what is being discussed. Man is a label. Woman is a label. Tired is a label. Poor is a label. Even evil is a label. Any word that we use is a label used to identify a person, place, thing or idea.

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