As the title of our blog suggests, these posts by College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) faculty and special guests will engage, inform and challenge you in a myriad of ways. The posts reflect the diversity of our programs of study: degrees that are traditional (history), current (justice studies and communications), academic (English literature) and career-oriented (psychology, counseling, criminal justice and government). Here, there is something for everyone.
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Jessi Farmer, MA

Jessi Farmer is an Arizona native and an Arizona State University (ASU) Sun Devil. She graduated from ASU with a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in communication studies. Her passion is studying communication within organizations and systems. Prior to teaching, Jessi worked as the assistant manager at Rainbow Rentals. She started teaching in 2009, as adjunct faculty at Glendale Community College. As a professor, Jessi enjoys making abstract theories applicable for students. Furthermore, she challenges students to become well-rounded thinkers. She does this by introducing situations and perspectives where theories become pertinent. Born and raised in Peoria, AZ, Jessi now resides in Phoenix. In her spare time, she enjoys riding my horses and most importantly spending quality time with family and friends.

Faculty Spotlight 

Who am I and how did I get to GCU? 

My cousin was a student at Grand Canyon University and he spoke highly of the university. I started in 2012 as an adjunct instructor and instantly knew I wanted to be a part of the GCU community. I contacted the assistant dean and learned there was a full-time position open in communication. I applied and got the job!

What do I enjoy most in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences? 

The best part of working for CHSS is working closely with colleagues from other disciplines. The college fosters an environment where we can all collaborate and create contemporary curriculum and experiences that prepare students to be critical thinkers and ethical members of our global economy.

What advice do I have for CHSS students? 

Get involved! If you want to have an epic college experience, get involved in clubs related to your major. This will not only allow you to engage with the material, but also to play and get to know your classmates on a more personal level. You will make a lot of friends in college, but the friends you make in your major will be the people you network with and know for the rest of your life.