As the title of our blog suggests, these posts by College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) faculty and special guests will engage, inform and challenge you in a myriad of ways. The posts reflect the diversity of our programs of study: degrees that are traditional (history), current (justice studies and communications), academic (English literature) and career-oriented (psychology, counseling, criminal justice and government). Here, there is something for everyone.
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Career Spotlight: What can you do with a liberal arts degree from GCU? Find out where our graduates are now and where your degree can take you.

Club Corner: GCU is home to a wide variety of clubs and organizations, from writing clubs to debate team. Find out about them in Club Corner.

Communication: We communicate in different ways every day. Hear from faculty and staff as they explore the world of communication.

Counseling and Psychology: Interested in understanding the human mind? Hear from some of our faculty and students on counseling and psychology at GCU.

Criminal Justice and Legal Studies: The criminal justice system is both complex and fascinating. Check out these articles for an inside look into our courts and more.

Current Events: What’s going on in the world today? Current events keep you updated, with perspectives from students and faculty.

Dean’s Corner: Hear from the dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Sherman Elliott, EdD.

Degree Spotlight: CHSS is home to dynamic degree programs and all of GCU’s general education courses. Learn more about our degrees.

Faculty Spotlight: Interested in studying at GCU? Get to know the faculty you’ll be working with during your degree program.

Government and Politics: Get insight into current political climates and learn about studying government during your time at GCU.

History and Literature: Hear from English and history faculty and students, as they discuss popular and classic literature, historical texts and more.

Humanities and the Liberal Arts: Liberal arts degrees cover a wide range of interests. Learn more about these popular and diverse areas.

Lopes in the Community: See how GCU is getting involved in the local community and giving back through volunteer efforts from faculty, staff and students.

Mathematics: We use math every day! Get insight into the world of mathematics from our faculty, staff and students.

Spotlight on Us: Get to know the faculty and staff at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, and find out how you can interact with our blog.

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