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By Brandon Juarez, MEd
Assistant Professor, College of Education

Recently, in an attempt to attract more individuals from diverse fields into the teaching profession and to keep them teaching, Arizona legislators passed SB1042. Among other things, the bill extends the years between recertification from six years to 12 years and reduces the required number of continuing education units (CEUs) to 90 hours.

But, is this really what is best for the teachers and subsequently for our students?

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By Diana Anderson
Master of Education in Secondary Education, College of Education

Today, districts across the nation are reporting a teacher shortage. This was not the case in the last generation. I can remember when teens were counseled not to pursue a career in teaching because there were no jobs available for teachers.

What changed?

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By MJ Tykoski, MEd
Alumna, College of Education

Science has always been a passion for me. I owe my early love of science to my father, who taught me a little bit about multiple scientific topics ranging from stars and planets to symbols on the periodic table of elements. As a child, I craved further knowledge and challenges in science, but through seventh grade my teachers either had little scientific knowledge or interest themselves, or they exhibited an attitude of amused tolerance towards my enthusiasm.

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Grand Canyon University’s Bachelor of Science in Chemistry for Secondary Education degree program is structured to give future high school and middle school teachers the knowledge that they need to be successful chemistry instructors. If you’re wondering if a career in this teaching field is right for you, then read on to learn several reasons why people choose to be high school and middle school chemistry teachers:

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If you want to teach business, then enrolling in Grand Canyon University’s Bachelor of Science in Business for Secondary Education program is a great idea. This program is written to the most recent standards from the National Business Education Association, and was derived from a partnership between the College of Education and the Colangelo College of Business. The bachelor of business education program combines core coursework with integral components of a business education, including economics, accounting and finance, principles of marketing and ethical and legal issues in business. This program can prepare you for a variety of exceptional careers, including:

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