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Category: Featured

By Faith Brown, MA, MEd
Alumna, College of Education

Cultural-centered teaching is an instructional method that requires knowledge of all cultures present in the classroom. Once classroom culture has been identified, the culture of the educator forms a perimeter of protection to the learning environment, making it a safe place for students and the teacher to be culturally influenced while learning.

Race is not a factor in cultural-centered teaching, for we can be of the same race, but of different cultures. Culture of community members acts as the light to brighten the paths to success for students when community members are actively involved in providing internships, employment, job shadowing opportunities and information that is essential to students making informed decisions about their future.

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Brent Phillips is a truly humble and passionate future educator, earning his degree in secondary education through Grand Canyon’s College of Education. Brent has a unique story as a U.S. veteran, and he has used his life and experiences to make a positive impact in the community. Specifically, with his love of astronomy, Brent is using his own self-funded astronomy outreach called VEGA to inspire and teach veterans and students of all ages.

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Educators serve as role models for their students, so caring for yourself while earning your degree can help prepare you to be a highly effective teacher. Also, maintaining your mental and physical wellness despite the demands of your program can help you make the most of your time in school. Are you in the process of earning Grand Canyon University’s Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education (Emphasis in Physical Education) degree? If so, then consider the following tips for staying in shape throughout your education:

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