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Category: Education Today

By Brandon Juarez, MEd
Assistant Professor, College of Education

On February 25, I had the privilege and honor to be the keynote speaker at the central region AZ TESOL mini-conference hosted at Arizona State University – West Campus. The title of my speech was: “TESOL for the Modern World: Strategies for Student Success: Communication, Social Presence and Instructional Assessments.”

Two major themes/moments were influential and shaped the wonderful experience. First, the chance to speak to over 150 Peruvian K-12 teachers was a true blessing. Many of the visiting Peruvian teachers shared personal stories, educational goals and instructional strategies that each plans to bring back to their schools to implement. It was an honor to be a small part in their professional development and offer several educational technology tools that support pedagogy and rapport building.

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By Stephanie Knight
Adjunct Faculty, College of Education

Let’s face it. Teachers are leaders in their respective classrooms; they hold a high degree of responsibility for themselves and their students. Although it is probably one of the least discussed leadership proficiencies, self-awareness – which falls under the emotional intelligence umbrella – is possibly one of the most valuable.

Developing self-awareness is paramount in the navigation of a teachers’ career and for the students who sit in their classrooms. To develop self-awareness, here are some questions to ask yourself:

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By Stephanie Knight, EdD
Adjunct Faculty, College of Education

What other profession besides teaching chisels at the core of one’s being and causes one to feel so deeply, besides perhaps the clergy?

We give so much of ourselves. Burnout lurks ahead unless steps are taken to keep the heart wholly grounded.

There is an inner practice which must take place in the heart of a teacher, and if completed, no matter what endeavor he or she participates in, the ability to handle such demands shall be much more doable. Schools do a great job of professional development and techniques for classroom management, but what about reflective practices for teachers?

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By Kellianne Holland
Early Childhood Education Major, College of Education

Preschool is the perfect time for young children to develop positive learning habits and self-confidence. There are many different kinds of preschool philosophies and pedagogies that support the functions of preschools.

At Grand Canyon University, a degree in early childhood education can prepare you to teach in different preschool settings. In addition, you will gain the confidence to give the next generation the tools for a successful learning experience. Continue reading to learn about various preschool philosophies:

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While walking around campus, or looking at pictures online, have you ever thought to yourself, “How old is Grand Canyon University? It looks so new!” Our modern suite-style dorms, new classroom buildings and 7,000-seat GCU Arena may be misleading when it comes to the age of our school.

Did you know:

  • Grand Canyon University was founded in 1949
  • GCU’s first campus was located in Prescott, Arizona
  • GCU relocated to Phoenix, Arizona in 1951
  • GCU has a rich history of providing high-quality education programs

Continue reading to get a more detailed recap of GCU’s exciting history and the legacy that has followed:

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By Bethany Wilson
Elementary Education (Emphasis in English) Major, College of Education

Throughout my time as a student in the College of Education at Grand Canyon University, I have been introduced to the idea of the flipped classroom. This concept was created in order to minimize the amount of assignments that students are required to do on their own, instead allowing them time to work in class with a teacher present.

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