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Category: Educating Our Children: Mind, Body and Spirit

By Corey Krampen, MEd
Alumnus, College of Education

Students who are in need of repeating a grade early in their educational career oftentimes feel like a failure. While that may be true in this particular grade level, it does not mean that the student is a failure forever. How the student’s parents view this and how they convey their feelings to their child can be beneficial or detrimental. The student will feed off of the parents’ vibes.

In a perfect world, of course, none of us want our children to have to repeat a grade. However, if our viewpoint on this focuses on the positives rather than the setback, our children will be more inclined to use this event as a launch pad towards the rest of their career. The same holds true for the parents. If they choose to use this setback as a launching pad, their child will benefit.

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By Bethany Wilson
Elementary Education (Emphasis in English) Major, College of Education

Childhood obesity has become a great problem over the years, and something needs to be done in order to protect the next generation from this disastrous attack. Lack of physical activity and unhealthy eating habits are the biggest factors leading to childhood obesity. So, it is important to implement programs that focus on a healthy style of living into children’s education.

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By Jenna Dowers
Elementary Education (Emphasis in English) Major, College of Education

The mind, body and spirit are essential components that make us human beings. If one of these components is not working properly, then a student might need extra help in order to be able to succeed in the classroom.

As future educators, we have the opportunity to help our future students with all of these essential factors, whether a child has to repeat a grade or take a physical education course, or needs our help through the power of prayer.

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By Rose Gamblin, PhD
Education Administration and Student Teacher Supervisor, College of Education

At a recent family get-together, my youngest daughter sat across from me on a futon with her husband. As the parents of three boys, ages four to 11, they were kept pretty busy.

But today, they were concerned about their seven-year-old.

“Mom, they want to keep Jayden back in second grade.”

“Oh, good,” I replied.

It was the wrong answer.

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