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Back to School Advance: Teachers, students and even parents can find exciting and motivational posts about getting ready to go back to school this fall.

Celebrating Citizenship: Read blogs that celebrate democratic education, our history, growing up in America, being a good citizen and working with community members for the betterment of society.

Dean’s Corner: Hear from Dr. Kimberly LaPrade, dean of Grand Canyon University’s College of Education.

Educating Our Children: Mind, Body and Spirit: Educators discuss how we help children grow academically, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Education Today: Get insight into what’s happening in the world of education.

Every Child Can: What can we do to create equal opportunities for all children? Read ideas from faculty, students and staff.

Growing Character in Children: Is it an educator’s responsibility to teach values or help grow character in children? Explore responses from educators and education students.

Learning All Year Long: Learning doesn’t stop just because classes are out for the summer! Explore ways to keep students learning all year long, with advice from current and future educators.

Making Connections: It’s a No Brainer!: Read about the importance of brain-based learning, and find tips and tricks for helping your students make connections.

New and Revised Degree Spotlight: Get an in-depth look at academic programs from the College of Education.

Student Spotlight: Catch up with our aspiring educators, who are already making a difference.

Teacher Appreciation: Explore articles about appreciating educators and all they do for our students.

Teaching and Instruction: Find helpful tips for teaching and getting to know your students.

Unity and Diversity: Read blogs about culturally responsive, multicultural education and advocating for equity while challenging prejudice.

We’re All in This Together: Collaboration and Inclusion: Explore blogs that discuss inclusion strategies, special education, interventions (RTI) and more.

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