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Golf Management Degree: PGA Golf Schools vs. GCU


By Judah Esparza
Business Management Major, Colangelo College of Business

If you are interested in pursuing a golf management degree, you may be wondering if Grand Canyon University’s golf management program is competitive enough to compete with a school that has been accredited by the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA). Here is a comparison of programs offered by PGA schools and GCU:

PGA Golf Schools

According to PGA.org, a PGA golf management program typically takes about 4.5 to 5 years to complete, and teaches students a variety of different skills needed to succeed within the golf industry. These courses cover topics such as marketing, business administration, hospitality administration, recreation and park management. These programs offer extensive classroom studies, internship experience and opportunities for player development.

There are 19 schools currently accredited by the PGA; a few well-known names include Clemson, NMSU, Mississippi State and Penn State. Due to the limited number of programs across the country, students may pay out-of-state tuition for these programs.

GCU’s Golf Management Program

GCU’s business management program with an emphasis in golf can be completed in less than four years, saving you both time and money. The bachelor’s degree program teaches you a variety of interpersonal and leadership skills to help you prepare for a career in a variety of fields, including golf management! This program is offered by the Colangelo College of Business and offers courses taught by PGA professionals so that students can gain the knowledge and skills needed to compete in the industry. The courses offered in the golf management degree program cover the foundations of business as well as an introduction to departmental management theories and applied managerial strategies.

Students in the golf management program at GCU have the opportunity to work at the GCU Golf Course and participate in two tournaments each month. They also have an opportunity to join the club golf team and take advantage of internship opportunities.

GCU offers generous institutional scholarship opportunities and no out-of-state tuition to help make earning a golf management degree affordable for all students.

GCU is committed to the success and purpose of its students! To learn more about the Colangelo College of Business and our business degrees, visit our website or click the green Request More Information button at the top of the page!


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About Judah Esparza
Business Management and Marketing Major, Digital Marketing Assistant

Judah Esparza is a senior at Grand Canyon University. He was born and raised in LA County and moved to Phoenix for college. He currently studies in the Colangelo College of Business and aspires to one day own his own successful company. When he is not at work, Judah enjoys spending his free time by goofing off with friends, playing basketball or working out in the gym. He is also a huge fan of music and spends some of his free time producing his own music with the hopes that one day he can have people enjoy his music as much as he enjoys his favorite artist’s music.

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