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The Value of a Liberal Arts Degree

In today’s job marketplace, it’s no surprise that students carefully choose their degree paths based on the best projected job opportunities post-graduation. Many students choose a highly specialized major with the goal of getting a job in their career field right out of college. However, in the current job climate, specialization may not always be the answer.  Liberal arts degrees offer students a broad learning experience and are a classical education option because they help students to develop a wider skill set, which can be applied to nearly every field imaginable.

Michael Roth, the president of Wesleyan University, wrote an article for the Huffington Post titled, “What’s a Liberal Arts Education Good For?” In it he discussed the benefits of the well-rounded learning experience a liberal arts education provides. “A successful liberal arts education develops the capacity for innovation and for judgment,” Roth says. “Those who can imagine how best to reconfigure existing resources and project future results will be the shapers of our economy and culture.”

Degrees in liberal arts are founded on learning through art, language, mathematics, literature and history. They are a significant piece of the core curriculum many universities require regardless of the degree a student plans to obtain. People who are well-educated in liberal arts might not focus on a single career path, but rather open themselves up to myriad opportunities because of the critical thinking and communication skills mastered,  which are easily applied to a variety of professions.

Many economic, business and political leaders obtained their bachelor’s degrees in a liberal arts field and applied their knowledge and skills in the marketplace or pursued further education in a more specialized area of interest, such as finance, leadership, business administration, healthcare administration, secondary education or another content area. Because of today’s dynamic marketplace, businesses often seek employees with a broad base of skills and knowledge like critical thinking, communications, society and history, which are the primary focus of a liberal arts degree and gives them the training needed for their specific industry.  Others build their career on the skills learned in their bachelor’s program and lessons learned from experience in their profession.

The classical education offered by the liberal arts provides the foundations for lifelong learning, but what kind of careers can you pursue from a broad education? Careerbuilder.com compiled a list of the most common liberal arts degrees and job opportunities available with further training, such as counseling, public relations, teaching, law, advertising, etc.

Liberal arts degrees are of tremendous value to students and provide the knowledge and flexibility that graduate programs and today’s dynamic job market demand.

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