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Thunder Alley Gets the Bowling Ball Rolling

Grand Canyon University student bowls at the new student life center, Thunder Alley


Grand Canyon University is regularly adding features to enhance the vibrant student life that campus students experience. GCU’s exciting newest addition, the Thunder Alley Bowling Lanes, opened November 14 in the Thunder Alley basement.

The bowling alley features six lanes plus a game room with pool tables, ping pong, a Golden Tee Arcade Game, air hockey and two lounge areas with big screen TV’s. The space is designed to be a relaxing and fun area for students, faculty and staff to hang out, watch the big game or bowl a few strikes or pick up a few spares. The facility is also available to reserve or rent for special occasions. Reservations can be made through Stacy Haddow in the Office of Student Life.

“We’re working on getting lots of events planned  for next semester,” said Haddow. “We’d love to get bowling intramurals and pool tournaments going. The space is so multifunctional, we want to make great use of it for students.”

Bowling is a fun, social activity that even doubles as exercise for those students who would rather mingle than log a sweat session at the Student Recreation Center. In research done by the Mayo Clinic on the benefits of exercise for weight loss, bowling can burn more than 300 calories in an hour.

Whether you’re looking for a study break, low-impact exercise or just a place to hang out with friends and let off some steam, Thunder Alley Bowling is a great place to go.

Bowling Alley and Game Room hours are Sunday-Thursday, 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Friday and Saturday, 2 p.m. to midnight. The cost is $1.50/game for students, $2.00/game for staff and $2.50/game for guests. For more information about Thunder Alley Bowling Lanes and reservations visit GCU Today.


The Secret to a Flat Stomach

By Krisann Valdez
Photo by Alyssa Adams

GCU alum and cross country runner Arlin Guadian.

Cardio. Cardio. Cardio. I cannot emphasize it enough.

Doing a 100 crunches a day may seem like a great path towards a flat stomach (or a six-pack) but did you know that cardio is actually a much more successful route to burning belly fat?

Georgia State University nutrition professor Christine Rosenbloom says that 60 minutes of activity a day (from brisk walking to kickboxing) coupled with a healthy diet, is the best way to burn excess belly fat.

Most people avoid cardio because it can be painful and it takes dedication.  I encourage you not to give in to this mentality.  The heart is a muscle like any other in our body; if you exercise it properly it will benefit.

So put cardio first, and don’t forget to include the strength-training and healthy diet too.

I follow this order of priorities:

  1. Cardio and Diet – You cannot have one without the other.  Cardio will reduce stress levels, increase self-esteem, promote discipline, and help create a healthier you. Shoot for 15-30 minutes of cardio per day and at least five days a week of healthy eating (we all have bad days). If you run a mile, come home and eat a Twinkie you have defeated the purpose of your run. A Twinkie has 150 calories while the average mile burns about 100 calories.
  2. Strength training – Strength training has endless benefits, including: toned/ stronger muscles, agility, better self-esteem and metabolic spikes.
  3. Stretching – Always stretch. Dedicate at least a few minutes before and after every workout. The more you work on your agility the less chance of injury. Studies show those with flexibility tend to look younger longer, and have better balance and posture.
  4. Crunches – Yes, they finish last. I put the least amount of emphasis on these for a reason. When I focus on cardio, diet, strength training and stretching my abs are still getting a good workout. Certain cardio workouts, like boxing or dancing or running, will naturally put emphasis on my abs so I don’t have to worry as much about them.

Get in Shape for 2011 With Fitness Challenge

New year. New you.

That’s the thinking behind the six-week New Year Fitness Challenge, which launches on Monday, Jan. 17, and runs through Sunday, Feb. 27.

Chuck Howard, GCU’s strength and conditioning coach, has devised a competition that will reward the teams and individuals who compile the most points through exercise and nutrition habits.

The competition, open to all students and staff, will include a Final Fitness Challenge event at the Student Recreation Center on Thursday, Feb. 24.

“We want to create a community of regular users of the center, who will bring others in,” Howard says. “The competition will foster that. It’s a great opportunity to get people more involved.”

Here are the basics of the New Year Fitness Challenge:

  • Who can enter: Teams of three people in two mixed-gender categories (younger than 30 and 30-plus). There also are individual divisions for men and women, also subdivided by age.
  • Scoring: Points awarded for 40 minutes of continuous exercise at least five days a week. Points also awarded for eating breakfast, adequate daily hydration, weight loss and maintaining a nutrition/exercise log.
  • How to enter: Team/individual registration forms available in the fitness area on the second level of the Student Recreation Center. Deadline for entries is Friday, Jan. 14. Each participant must weigh in by Jan. 14. An exercise and nutrition log will be emailed after registration. Each team is required to have a captain and a team name.

For questions, email Howard at chuck.howard@gcu.edu or call him at 639.6655.