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The Value of a Liberal Arts Degree

In today’s job marketplace, it’s no surprise that students carefully choose their degree paths based on the best projected job opportunities post-graduation. Many students choose a highly specialized major with the goal of getting a job in their career field right out of college. However, in the current job climate, specialization may not always be the answer.  Liberal arts degrees offer students a broad learning experience and are a classical education option because they help students to develop a wider skill set, which can be applied to nearly every field imaginable.
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Grand Canyon University Graduation 2010

The Class of 2010 celebrates their accomplishment!

Graduation: The colossal aspiration and desire of every college student. The road to graduation is strenuous, demanding, and sometimes seemingly impossible, with thousands of hours of homework, demanding courses, and hard-pressed schedules.

The dream of graduating from Grand Canyon University finally became a reality for the Class of 2010, on May 1. Students, robed in their gowns and donning their caps and tassels walked onto the wide expanse of Chase Field while Pomp and Circumstance rang up to the rafters in the stadium, it started to sink in: they finally made it!

Grand Canyon University Chief Executive Officer, Brian Mueller, welcomed the graduating class, their friends and family, and stated how proud he was of the students. Pride was a common theme throughout the event.

Reverend Tom Parker opened the ceremony with a prayer, and was followed by a greeting from Dr. Kathy Player, President of Grand Canyon University. Before the conferring of degrees began, nursing students Don Bennett and Samantha Steen were recognized for their inspiring and heroic act in saving a man’s life who had suffered a cardiac arrest. The video Grand Canyon University aired to tell this remarkable story is available to watch here. Their story was uplifting, and a prime example of how Grand Canyon University prepares students for their chosen professions, even in challenging and unexpected circumstances.

The audience was treated to a performance, under the direction Dr. Juan de Dios Hernandez, from the Grand Canyon Chorale called, “The Glory and Majesty of Your Name.” This song selection had a poignant message for many graduates, it truly showed that the road to graduation would be impossible to travel without the guidance from our magnificent God.

Student speakers Renee Connor and Adriana Casas spoke about their experiences with Grand Canyon University and the perseverance it takes to earn your degree as online students.

At long last, the time came for the presentation of the degrees! As names were called one-by-one students walked across the stage with smiles of knowing accomplishment and accepted their diplomas from the equally proud President and Provost.

In all Grand Canyon University granted 5,906 degrees during graduation:
• 3,595 College of Education Degrees
• 1,238 Colleges of Nursing & Health Sciences Degrees
• 836 Ken Blanchard College of Business Degrees
• 237 College of Liberal Arts Degrees

As the last few graduate crossed the stage, the roof of the stadium overhead began to part, letting the beautiful Phoenix day shine onto the field.

After the closing prayer by Pastor Mik Milem, fireworks exploded from behind the stage and purple and white balloons dropped from the rafters, and the celebration began in earnest; the Grand Canyon University Class of 2010 had come to the end of one journey, and prepared to step out into the next chapter, full of purpose!