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Applying for College

Promenade on campus at Grand Canyon University GCU in Phoenix, Arizona

There are many components that weigh into college applications. While most universities require a non-refundable application processing fee, Grand Canyon University does not have an application fee. Admissions decisions can vary widely from institution to institution so it is important to do your research and determine exactly what is required to be considered for admission to each school you are applying to.  Some universities require applicants to submit the application along with a personal statement and letters of recommendation.  Most universities require either SAT or ACT scores and some prefer one over the other. GCU requires you to have a 3.0 GPA OR a Composite Score of 19 on the ACT OR a score of 920 on the SAT with no essay requirement.

Each application varies in terms of the required information. Some universities require you to list which subjects you have taken in high school (for instance, which Math, English, Science, Government, and Foreign Language) as well as what grade you received. GCU does not require this level of detail on their application.

Perhaps the most important factor in applying to colleges is making sure to meet the deadline. Early application deadlines are important because many institutions have a limited number of students they can accept each year.  Applying early can put you in prime position to snag one of the coveted and highly-competitive spots.  However, if you are considering applying for early admission or by the priority deadline, you should check with the school prior to doing so because accepting the school’s offer to attend may be a binding decision.  Many schools will still consider applications after the priority deadline but research must be done on each school to ensure the requirements are being met.

Another consideration is that most schools have limited funding when it comes to institutional aid and usually award these scholarships on a first-come, first-serve basis to those who have already applied and been accepted.  This is a major reason to apply for admission as early as possible. However, GCU does not have a limited number of scholarships available to eligible students like some state and endowment funded institutions. This means all students who meet minimum eligibility requirements will be awarded.

For more information about applying to GCU visit http://ow.ly/fa4cD