Day in the Life of a Ground Student: Day 1 in LoudCloud

‘Lopes up and welcome to your new semester at GCU! Still getting the hang of this LoudCloud thing? Then this week’s series on the LoudCloud blog is for YOU! We’re chronicling the Day in the Life of a Ground Student and highlighting what you should do each day of your class in the LoudCloud classroom. Let’s get started with Day 1.

The first thing to do once you log in to your class in LoudCloud is to head on over to the Class Wall to post your bio. You’ll notice six tabs across the top of your classroom; hover your mouse on the ‘Connect’ tab and click ‘Class Wall’ from the drop down menu.

Your instructor has probably already posted his or her bio. Read that one first because your instructor might ask you to address something specific in your own bio, like why you’re taking this class or what you hope to gain out of it. The Class Wall works a bit like Facebook. You can respond to your instructor’s or a classmate’s bio or you can just like it by clicking the thumbs up.

Be sure to post a bio of your own. This is your time to do a bit a bragging about yourself. Are you awesome baker with the best chocolate chip cookies in the world? Or maybe you just ran your third marathon. Just made the GCU cheer squad? Those are all the great things that make you, well you! Feel free to share a much or as little about yourself as your like. Just type up your bio in the box and click ‘Post’. You do have some options like changing the font or using bold, italics, or underline to highlight something extra important in your bio.

Just be sure to check back for any comments on your bio and to meet the rest of your classmates that might not have checked in yet when you posted.

You’ll also want to check out your syllabus and go over what’s in store for not only this first week of class, but each week. Access your syllabus from the Course tab. You’ll be able to easily navigate to your required readings for the week, download any additional resources needed, review the week’s assignment details, and see what your weekly discussion questions are.

You can, of course, get started on your reading. We’ll take a more in-depth look at making notes and highlights on your lectures tomorrow, so be sure to check back for Day 2!

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