LoudCloud: New Year, New Improvements

Hey ‘Lopes! How are those resolutions coming along?Did you find our tips helpful?

As promised, we’ve made our own list of New Year’s resolutions for an improved LoudCloud.

1. Improved performance and reliability. Everyone at GCU and at LoudCloud are dedicated to this goal. We know how important it is for you to be able to access LoudCloud and not worry about not being able to do so. Our IT teams still need to take LoudCloud, as well as other systems like your Student Portal, offline for maintenance. We do that on Fridays from midnight to 4am because our analysis tells us that is the time of the week that the least amount of students access our systems. We’ve also added additional servers to help balance the load when you’re all accessing LoudCloud and turning in those assignments you worked so hard on.

2. Improving the Turnitin process. Many of you have experienced various errors when submitting your assignments to Turnitin. We’re working with Turnitin to improve the process and we’re creating new resources to help you avoid some of the common errors due to things like accepted format types (PowerPoint isn’t accepted by Turnitin) or large file sizes. Check back here on the blog all this month as we give you insider tips on everything from posting your bio to the Class Wall to finding your grade and feedback from your instructor.

3. LoudCloud coming to a tablet near you. You’ve been telling us and we’ve definitely listened! We’ll be releasing the LoudCloud app to a test group of students and then we’ll continue to enhance it based upon all the feedback we receive. Stay tuned!

4. All new elements based on tools you told us you need! And because that can be a little bit different for everyone, you’ll be able to customize your LoudCloud dashboard leaving the widgets that matter to you and removing the ones that don’t. Another cool feature is your course reading list will be available right from your dashboard. That’s right – no more wading through the syllabus to find out what you need to read this week. Finally, the course content list will be replaced by a cleaner, more easy-to-read task list.

This certainly isn’t all we have in store for this year, but remember how we talked about setting smaller goals that we can realistically tackle? We’ll tackle these first and then keep marching on forward with more improvements from there. What you can expect from us, besides to see all of these in the near future, is regular progress updates right here on the blog. So be sure to follow along and give us your feedback!

And don’t forget, if you’re a ground student you can get involved by joining our LoudCloud Focus Group!

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