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By Breanna Alverson
Business Management Major, Colangelo College of Business

With blue skies, warm sun rays and 75 degree days, the Valley of the Sun certainly does not disappoint its residents during the spring months! In March, the greater Phoenix area becomes an ideal place for a spring getaway. Many vacationers flock to enjoy green fairways, luxurious resorts, desert vistas and spring training games. The newly renovated GCU Hotel and Canyon 49 Grill can help you have the perfect spring training getaway!

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By Gianni De Bruyn
MBA Student, Colangelo College of Business

How many times have you thought about picking up a new skill, whether it is perfecting your jump shot to mimic Michael Jordan’s or learning a new language, in order to make yourself more marketable? If you are like me, then you have started this process multiple times. But after less than satisfactory results or progression, you decided to give up or allocate more time to it later.

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By Breanna Alverson
Life Leader

“Whoever wants to be my disciples must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.” (Matthew 16:24-25)

When looking forward into the years of our lives, we tend to dream with rose-colored glasses. We see only comfort, happiness and blessings in cozy homes with ideal relationships, which are certainly not bad dreams. But what does it mean when Jesus calls his disciples and followers to deny themselves? Is this cruel or kind? Before we begin jumping to conclusions, we must first exam the identity and intention of the One who said these words so many years ago.

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A doctoral candidate begins her research in the library

By Stacey Elsasser, EdD
Faculty, College of Doctoral Studies

When you are starting doctoral research literature for your dissertation or one of your doctoral degree courses, you may feel overwhelmed or like you do not know where to begin. You may also wonder about the kind of literature for which you should be looking.

Here are a few factors to consider when researching and evaluating literature:

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By Eric Hernando
Faculty, College of Theology

We all have relatives who embarrass us, people in our family tree whom we are ashamed to admit we are related. Most of us try to hide the skeletons in our family tree. However, a look at the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew chapter 1 shows Matthew does not hide the imperfect ancestors of Jesus. Rather the Bible deliberately draws attention to them, all for the purpose of making a theological point.

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By Cathleen Daly
Communications Major, Honors College

Honors faculty member Jen Santos, PhD, received her doctorate in English from Arizona State University. She is a published writer who has also worked in the areas of technical writing and conducting research. She has taught a wide variety of English-related courses at the college level for over 10 years. She is currently a full-time English faculty member for the Honors College at Grand Canyon University.

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By Breanna Alverson
Business Management Major, Colangelo College of Business

The search for business colleges can be extremely overwhelming! One important element to consider when making this selection is the values that the college is founded upon. These principles permeate through all departments and degrees. Grand Canyon University’s Colangelo College of Business’ foundation is the business pillars of servant leadership, ethics and entrepreneurism. The college’s design and the faculty and staff’s commitment to these pillars is what makes the Colangelo College of Business so unique!

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