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By Dr. Mary Ann Manos
Faculty, College of Education

Excellent teaching has many levels. In a single classroom moment, competent teachers make decisions on many aspects and levels of learning. They must adequately judge content, student interaction, curriculum, assessment levels, school policy implementation, legal impact and interpersonal skills all in the same decision.

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By Breanna Alverson
Business Administration Major, Colangelo College of Business

They say, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but what about the words it can’t say? This is where logic ends and imagination begins, where photography crosses from a science and application into an art and unrivaled human force.

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“The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.” With this famous quote, Aristotle acknowledged that learning is something that lasts a lifetime. Long after you graduate with an information technology degree with a specialization in cybersecurity, you will benefit from the wisdom of the people around you. Excelling in this field requires an inner determination and drive, but it also requires the humility and foresight to know that there is still a great deal left for you to learn. Make a point of actively seeking out the mentorship of other cybersecurity professionals.

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“Publish or perish” is a familiar saying in academia. While the situation is not quite that pressing, postdoctoral professionals do start to feel the pressure to publish early on because it establishes their credibility and fleshes out their resumes. Since your dissertation is based on your own original research, there is nothing holding you back from getting some extra mileage out of it by turning it into a series of journal articles.

For further information and best practices to help guide you through publishing your dissertation, the Center for Innovation in Research and Teaching (CIRT) offers a Dissertation to Publication online training program.

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The sports industry in North America is worth billions. So, a degree in sports management is not a bad investment in your future. But if you are thinking sports management is all free tickets and championship rings, you have got a few things to learn. Yes, sports management can be a profitable career, but it is not an easy one. Sports managers have to have experience in leadership, business, communications and athletics. They have to be adept at working with teams and individuals. They are managers, coaches and mentors.

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