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Grand Canyon University (GCU) is a premier Christian university located in the heart of Phoenix. GCU offers a wide range of affordable and convenient continuing education courses that allow current teachers to advance their knowledge, stay current in their field and further their career. To determine if a course’s curriculum will address your needs, please explore its content before you apply. Here, you will find details on one of our continuing education courses, the BLE or TESOL Practicum.

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By Daniel Diffey, PhD
Assistant Dean, Grand Canyon Theological Seminary

When we read any part of the Bible it is important to know where the section we are reading fits within the biblical storyline. It is similarly important to know if what we are reading is discussed anywhere else in Scripture. When we read about creation there are a lot of things that we could talk about, but I want to focus on one thing that is crucial to understand that concerns both the storyline of the Bible and a theme that is found the beginning and end of Scripture. The creation narrative in Genesis 1-2 is bookended by the new creation narrative in Revelation 21-22.

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Open new doors to your future by earning one of Grand Canyon University’s PhD degrees and acquiring specialized knowledge in your field. GCU’s College of Doctoral Studies offers PhD evening cohorts, now enrolling for November 2017.

Each of our evening PhD programs features a dissertation process that starts very early in the program as well as Residency opportunities that help learners get the most out of the doctoral process. Also, we strive to connect our scholar-practitioners with faculty members to provide each one with a vibrant learning community and purposeful doctoral journey.

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Grand Canyon University’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) with an Emphasis in Health Systems Management introduces students to topics in finance, economics and accounting, as well as management theories, business leadership concepts and healthcare systems. If you’re wondering if this degree could support your professional goals, then keep reading to learn a few of the potential career outcomes for MBA in health systems management graduates:

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Have you have ever been at a crossroad in life, whether it is graduating, a new job, a new relationship or retirement, and wondered what matters or how to make your life count? Have you ever held a Bible and wondered how this book can really change you or how to even read it in a meaningful way?

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By S. Jordan Montgomery
Electrical Engineering Major, Honors College

By Gabriela Marrama
Advertising and Public Relations Major, Honors College

“I hope all of you have big dreams and goals for what you hope to accomplish someday. And if those dreams don’t scare you a little, you’re probably not dreaming big enough.”

Brittany Holen, an Honors College alumna, had the opportunity to be the first ever honors alumni speaker at the 3rd annual Honors College Banquet. Holen eloquently put into words the drive and determination that all Honors College students experience when chasing their dreams.

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Brandon Juarez

The College of Education at Grand Canyon University provides a unique community in which students come together to work hard and strive for success in their field. Brandon Juarez is one of many outstanding faculty in this college, providing his students with tools and resources to achieve their goals. We asked Juarez a few questions about his experience teaching at GCU, how the community has shaped him and how he hopes it shapes his students:

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