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A statistic by Lamar University states that “there are four times as many nurses as doctors in the U.S., and their roles continue to grow as nurses expand into services beyond traditional areas to include work in private practices, clinics, public health centers, nursing homes, companies and mental health agencies”. With this staggering number of nurses, it is important that each one of them is confident and well-prepared for the workforce.

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Eloquent writing usually tells a story, persuades readers or educates while entertaining. Technical writing is different. It’s a purely utilitarian product that instructs and informs. Despite these substantial differences, technical writing and non-technical writing are similar in that they both require extensive practice and plenty of editing. Keep the following best practices in mind as you refine your technical writing skills.

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From robotic surgery to robotic vacuums, there’s no question that robotics will play an even greater role in everyday life in the future. In fact, one of the exciting things about robotics is just how quickly the field changes from one year to the next. If you choose to enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Engineering with an Emphasis in Robotics degree program from Grand Canyon University, you’ll learn to apply your innovative thinking and Christian ethics to this dynamic career path.

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By Lily Cooper
English Major with an Emphasis in Professional Writing in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences

This week’s Trending Faith is focusing on tithing! A student asked: “Is a Christian directed to tithe?”

Dean of the College of Theology Dr. Jason Hiles and University Pastor Tim Griffin gave their opinion on the question, pointing out the controversial nature of the question.

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Big data is big news. In fact, about five years ago, the Harvard Business review named business analytics the “sexiest job of the 21st century.” Because of the industry’s high-profile popularity, business analytics jobs can be tough to nab, but the skills you gain during your studies are highly transferable. The intricacies of big data are what allow businesses to offer a variety of roles and employment opportunities that all need people who’ve got analytic skills. Here are just a few of the many jobs that are open to you when you’ve got a business analytics degree.

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By Dulce Ruelas, MPH, CHES, CBC
Instructor, Master of Public Health Program

Mass Contagion

Have you thought about how social media can influence our daily lives constantly? Do you know the concept of mass contagion? Mass contagion is the phenomenon where society takes it upon themselves to spread information without knowing its validity. This, as you know, can easily alarm society because of the various social methods technology has to offer (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.). As you read this, are you reflecting on what social media you use? How many times do you check your phone for new feeds? What types of news do you like or relate to? Simply stated, how do you communicate with others if it is not done by actually dialing their phone number?

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Jobs are necessities that allow us to live and support our families, and Grand Canyon University (GCU) is committed to supporting business development in the surrounding community. Watch this video to learn about the true story of West Phoenix’s transformation, which we call United by Purpose, and how GCU is supporting job growth in its surrounding neighborhoods.

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