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Colangelo College of Business building shot

Welcome to our first student spotlight! Our students are the center of the Colangelo College of Business, and we invite you to get to know them. They may help you learn if an education at Grand Canyon University is right for you!

First up is Shane Keith, a GCU business student who is earning his Master of Business Administration (MBA) with an Emphasis in Finance.

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A man prays in nature

By Paige Ferrari
Global Outreach Student Leader

“Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life.” (1 John 5:12)

Intentionality is an idea that gets drilled into our heads as a Christian culture—having a point of conversations and relationships, making that extra effort to intentionally love someone or make them feel cared for. It’s a great teaching to know and live out.

But this can get exhausting and even overwhelming. Always being surrounded by people may sound nice for a while, but if you are always going, you may miss the one intentional relationship that is the most important.

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Soldier Having Counselling Session

Thinking about earning your PhD at Grand Canyon University, but unsure which program is right for you? Our degree and emphasis spotlights are here to help you discover which area may be your best fit.

Today we explore the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in General Psychology with an Emphasis in Performance Psychology program, which is focused on the psychology of success. Performance psychology learners focus on the psychology of humans who are in professions where there is a demand of excellence in performance.

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A woman smiles in front of her house where she proudly hangs her American flag.

By Tracy Vasquez, MEd
Clinical Practice Specialist, College of Education

Celebrating Citizenship is a timely topic for this month as we remember the lives lost and the heroes that made their mark on history rushing through “Ground Zero” on the day of the Sept. 11 attacks.

As an educator, citizenship is a lifestyle that I have continually worked to integrate into the lives of my students by making content relevant to the citizen role in our country.

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A missionary walks with a young boy hand-in-hand

By Chip Lamca
Faculty, College of Theology  

Missionaries face a diverse and constantly changing set of challenges. On Aug. 27, one of the largest evangelical mission agencies announced a radical plan to deal with their revenue shortfalls; among other things, it involves offering some of the most experienced, seasoned and proven missionaries the “opportunity” of voluntary retirement incentives.

Seven years ago, I transitioned back to the U.S. after what I thought would be a lifetime of missionary service. I humbly offer the following as food for thought, not just to the servants of that one organization, but to anyone facing major change in ministry:

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A woman grips her elbow

By Paige Ferrari
College of Humanities and Social Sciences Student, Bachelor of Arts in Communications

When someone mentions this idea of vocational ministry, the first thing that pops into my head is a pastor of a church, not much else (maybe a missionary or two get thrown into that mix). But the variety is limited.

We definitely need people to be brought up for pastoral roles and feel empowered enough to push the borders of the Gospel in places that it hasn’t been heard.

But what about the rest of us? What about the more obscure talents and skills—the ones that are less straight forward? What about those of us who don’t preach from a pulpit or cross country boundaries?

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A woman prays deeply in a field of grass

The topics of ethics and moral teachings were the subjects of this week’s Trending Faith discussion between Dean of the College of Theology Jason Hiles, PhD, and GCU Pastor and Dean of Students Tim Griffin.

“The motivation to actually express your love for God through the way you live your life is very uniquely Christian,” explained Dr. Hiles.

While there might be some things that overlap in the general moral compass, he continued, Jesus is the motivation for why we act the way we do. As Christians, we stand apart from those who may just have an “ethical” life and hope that it gains them the love of God, because our understanding of the love of God gives us the motivation to serve Him by our actions and what kind of life He has commanded us to live.

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Chapel at GCU logo

By Paige Ferrari
Global Outreach Student Leader

Grand Canyon University Pastor and Dean of Students Tim Griffin was ready for the vibrant crowd at this Monday’s morning chapel service in GCU Arena.

Pastor Tim shared with the crowd a nostalgic story of him at Disneyland as a rambunctious kid. Getting in trouble at Disneyland caused him to be dragged to the back lot, shattering his previous expectation of what Disney magic looked like.

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Jacobs name becomes Israel through his struggle to understand God

By Mike Baird
Faculty, College of Theology

 The Jacob Journal is a reflection on the life and times of the biblical character of Jacob, son of Isaac and Rebekah.

The All-Night Fight

Genesis 32:1-13, 21-32

As I sit down to write this journal entry, my hip has started hurting again. It’s not that I am getting old—the hip pain is a reminder of an all-night fight I was involved in.

You probably have a scar somewhere on your body that reminds you of a fight you were in or a close call with danger. Old injuries keep coming back in more ways than one. There’s the pain and then there’s the memory.

Fortunately, those two are not the same for me. The memory itself is not a part of the pain.

My all-night fight was the lowest point in my life and the highest point in my journey. Isn’t it odd how one single event can be the best and the worst experience you have ever had?

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Thunder helps students move in during welcome week 2015

By Paige Ferrari
Global Outreach Student Leader

I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” (Psalm 91:2)

Target run. Check! Enormous amounts of coffee. Check! A map of campus so you don’t get lost on your way to class. Check!

Everything seems to be in order for the first week.

But make sure you schedule time for a heart check.

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