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Summer break provides you with time to enjoy your favorite activities, socialize with friends and vacation with family. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to stop serving others and evolving spiritually, and there are plenty of ways to help other people and practice servant leadership during your vacation. Read on for advice finding ways to continue serving and honoring God this summer:

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Grand Canyon University’s Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) with an Emphasis in Data Analytics is an online program offered by our College of Doctoral Studies. Providing the framework needed to create and develop evidence-based theories and practices, this DBA degree is formulated to meet the demands of a global economy. Are you hoping to enhance your leadership while helping to stimulate industry-wide innovation? If so, then this program could be perfect for you. Read on to learn what you can do with a DBA in data analytics degree:

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Grand Canyon University offers a wide selection of degrees that can help students pursue their career goals while studying servant leadership. One of these programs, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) with an Emphasis in Leadership, can prepare you to become a decisive and confident executive with the traits and skills needed for spurring ethical and responsible production, change and growth.

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By S. Jordan Montgomery
Electrical Engineering Major, College of Science, Engineering and Technology

It’s your first year of college. You don’t have a lot of money, but what you do have is a running list of advice. Your first year of college can be difficult, especially when adding honors into the mix! With your soon-to-be all-nighters and gallons of coffee a day, here is some advice from the student worker staff here at the Honors College to help you prepare for freshman year:

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By Nathalie De Vera
Alumna, College of Education

Student teaching is the time to apply everything learned in class. This is the time to learn from experience. Reflecting upon practice shows humility, eagerness, determination and a positive outlook that are all helpful in aiming to be a great teacher. I aim to be a great teacher because I want to inspire, educate and serve.

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By Kaitlyn Terrey
Digital Design with an Emphasis in Animation Student, College of Fine Arts and Production

I have self-diagnosed early onset reverse culture shock. That’s right – adjusting to life back home in a few days will honestly be more difficult than adjusting to life in Australia, I think.

In my time here, I’ve become an Aussie at heart in more ways than one. I mentioned in my first blog post that I was hoping to pick up an accent. And while I’m unconvinced that I have, despite what my family tells me, I’ve definitely picked up a lot of Aussie slang. Most slang here is shortening words so, to be honest, I just sound more basic when I use it but that’s neither here nor there.

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Are you interested in changing lives by pursuing a career in counseling? If so, then the Master of Science in Professional Counseling with an Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy program could offer you the ideal educational foundation to achieve your professional goals. Offered through the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, this marriage and family therapy degree program offers students comprehensive training that can prepare them for licensure in Arizona and national certification.

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