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By Breanna Alverson
Life Leader

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

In answering the questions on our invitation to prayer, “When?” is perhaps the easiest to address. God calls us to come talk to Him in prayer all the time! There is always an occasion to be praying and building relationship with the Lord. The beautiful thing is we can come to Him whenever we want just as we are, regardless of where we find ourselves.

So, why is it so hard to pray sometimes?

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Jaylen Kroupa

Offering degrees in everything from business and management to performing arts and creative design, Grand Canyon University serves as a gateway to success for learners. Our private Christian university makes it convenient for students to achieve their career goals by offering online and evening classes in addition to those on the main campus in Phoenix. To discover what it’s like to study at GCU, take a look at Jaylen (JC) Kroupa’s student spotlight.

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robotics engineering

Designed to provide students with foundational skills for a range of engineering careers, GCU’s Bachelor of Science in Engineering with an Emphasis in Robotics program can help hone your abilities for innovation and critical thinking and prepare you for a career in the fast-changing field of robotics. Continue reading to learn about the possible benefits of a robotics engineering career.

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In this episode of Trending Faith, University Pastor Dr. Tim Griffin and College of Theology Dean Dr. Jason Hiles take on the question, “How can I apply the Bible to my life?”

As Dr. Hiles begins this discussion, he says that before you can apply the Bible to your life, you first need to truly make sense of what it is saying. This leads into another question that many of us face: Can we really be sure of what the Bible is saying or what any of it means?

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Are you enrolled in a program offered by GCU’s College of Doctoral Studies? If so, then you’re on your way to developing an enhanced skillset and greater depth of knowledge that can help further your career and improve your professional performance. While this journey is both personally and professionally rewarding, there may be times throughout your journey where you experience stress. During your studies, consider the following tips for avoiding burnout:

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By Kaitlyn Terrey
Digital Design with an Emphasis in Animation Student, College of Fine Arts and Production

First tropic of conversation: Cairns. (Yes, I meant to say tropic.)

Cairns is about as far north in Australia you can go. And the closer you get to the equator, the warmer it is, which is exactly what I was after. Melbourne’s getting a bit chilly for this Arizona wimp’s taste! I soaked up all the sun possible in two days and returned a crisp of my former self. For once in my life, I’m the only one with tan lines in a several mile radius so you could say I’m ecstatic. 

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By Jason Paltzer, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor, College of Nursing and Health Care Professions

One way I deal with problems is to compartmentalize them into distinct buckets. I tend to separate my personal relationships from my work relationships and my church community from the community I live in. Occasionally, these might overlap, but I find myself working to keep them distinct to protect myself from criticism or conflicting worldviews.

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The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Entrepreneurship degree offered by the Colangelo College of Business includes coursework that fosters the skills students need to go on to build and maintain successful business models for today’s economy. The rigorous curriculum provided in this program uses research-based study to help you learn behaviors for improving the sales of services or products. Expert-led discussions can promote your deeper understanding of concepts like analytics and customer development.

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By Tatum Sorrelman
Business Management Major, Colangelo College of Business

Living with another person in college can be difficult. Each person is trying to establish some sort of routine while trying to adjust to a new type of lifestyle. More often than not, these routines and lifestyles do not match those of the person you are living with and that can create roommate conflict. 

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Bethany Egeler

Grand Canyon University is a premier private Christian university, and our main campus in sunny Phoenix has served as a door to success for countless students and future industry leaders. Bethany Egeler is a junior at Grand Canyon University who is earning a Christian studies degree and a minor in psychology. Bethany fell in love with GCU because of the ministry services that the university offers, along with the many community service opportunities that are available.

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