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By Chelsea Evans
Marketing Major, Honors College

Over the course of several weeks, a small group of Grand Canyon University business majors were tasked to go behind the scenes of a company to learn about all aspects of the business, picking apart every single number, claim and detail they could find.

In the end, these teams presented their verdict to a room full of local investors. In this process, the student Due Diligence teams were used to create a bridge between investors and entrepreneurs, while giving students real-world experience.

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By Brian P. Raftery
Faculty, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Two hundred years ago this summer, an unknown 21-year-old woman conceived the idea for a story that became one of the most popular and influential novels ever written. “Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus” has been the inspiration for hundreds of movies, plays, stories, musicals, comic books and television shows, and translated into numerous languages.

“Frankenstein” has been the subject of countless philosophical, psychological, literary and sociological analyses. The name itself, Frankenstein, conjures images of a terrifying and powerful creature intent on exacting a monstrous revenge on the man who created him. Fittingly, the idea for the story came to the author on a dark and stormy night

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By Jason Hiles, PhD
Dean, College of Theology

Seminary students will be wise to prepare faithfully for ministry in a way that does not disqualify them from service after graduation. This preparation will require attention to the academic, spiritual and professional aspects of ministerial training. This will also require careful attention to one’s life and doctrine during what may be a lengthy season of preparation.

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By Victoria Monk
Elementary Education and English Major, College of Education and College of Humanities and Social Sciences

During the long summer months of vacation, sometimes students start to forget what they learned during the school year and get especially rusty on their reading. This may result in a bumpy academic start in the fall. “Summer setback” is a problem many teachers encounter (Allington et al., 2010).

One way to limit the effects of summer setback is to encourage students to make a habit of reading when not in school. Some students require some encouragement to get started, so here are some strategies teachers can use to motivate students to continue reading through the summer:

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By Lauren Abraham
Communications Major, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

The new school year is right around the corner, and now is a great time to make sure you are prepared for financial success! With the busyness of your college schedule, it can be easy to lose track of finances. However, with these simple back-to-school financial tips, you can ensure you will stay on the right track throughout the year!

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